Dog-friendly Trails in Los Angeles

Below is a collection of over 75 hikes around Los Angeles that allow canine accompaniment. As a general rule, national forests and national recreation areas are dog-friendly, opening up plenty of trails in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and the Angeles National Forest, LA’s two biggest parks. California State Parks do not usually allow dogs on trails, but city and county parks do. The most dog-friendly park in LA is the well-known Runyon Canyon Park, where there are actually off-leash areas where dogs can run free. Dogs are also allowed to be off leash under direct supervision in WestridgeCanyonback Wilderness Park and a few other parks around Los Angeles. On other trails, dogs are expected to be on a leash. Rattlesnakes are prevalent around LA, especially in the spring, so be careful hiking with your dog.

In addition to browsing the list below, you can also search for dog-friendly trails near you by using the Hike Finder Map. Uncheck the box next to “Doesn’t Allow Dogs” to only view trails that are open to dogs.

Good hikes for dogs in LA
Bailey catches her breath on Upper Canyonback Ridge

Good trails for dogs around Los Angeles

These dog-friendly hikes are separated by region and listed alphabetically to make it easy for you to get outdoors with your dog. Enjoy!

Santa Monica Mountains
Amirs GardenAmir’s Garden
This one-mile hike reaches a relaxing garden on the east side of Griffith Park that is a pleasant retreat for hikers.
Rosewood Trail Thousand Oaks hikeAngel Vista via Rosewood Trail
This 4-mile round trip hike is the most direct route to Angel Vista, a panoramic viewpoint in the Santa Monica Mountains overlooking the Conejo Valley.
Angel Vista hikeAngel Vista via West Los Robles Trail
This 7.6-mile round trip hike climbs 800 feet to an overlook on the north side of the Santa Monica Mountains above Thousand Oaks.
Beacon Hill hikeBeacon Hill
This 2.75 to 3.9-mile hike in Griffith Park climbs 500 feet to the easternmost summit in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Bee Rock hikeBee Rock
This hive-shaped point on the east side of Griffith Park is reached via a 1.7 to 4-mile round trip hike.
Bronson Cave hikeBronson Cave
This short easy hike visits a man-made cave recognizable as the Batcave from the 1960s Batman TV series and hundreds of other locations on TV and film.
Caballero Canyon TrailCaballero Canyon Trail
This 3.4-mile round trip hike ascends a canyon on the north side of the Santa Monica Mountains with views over the San Fernando Valley.
Cahuenga Peak hikeCahuenga Peak from Wonder View Trail
This 3-mile hike ascends 925 feet to Cahuenga Peak and the adjacent Mount Lee, home of the Hollywood Sign.
Calabasas Peak Motorway HikeCalabasas Peak from Old Topanga Canyon Road
This 4.2-mile hike on Calabasas Peak Motorway approaches Calabasas Peak from the northeast, providing big views over Topanga and other parts of the Santa Monica Mountains.
Calabasas PeakCalabasas Peak from Stunt Road
This 3.6-mile hike on Calabasas Peak Motorway approaches Calabasas Peak from the south, ascending through sandstone formations to panoramic views of the Santa Monica Mountains and San Fernando Valley.
Calabasas - Cold Creek TrailCalabasas Peak via Calabasas – Cold Creek Trail
This 4.5-mile round trip hike starts up a scenic single track formerly know as the Secret Trail and ascends 750 feet to the summit of Calabasas Peak.
Castro CrestCastro Crest from Latigo Canyon Road
This 3.8-mile hike crosses a green canyon and climbs to a scenic saddle below Castro Peak.
Charmlee Wilderness ParkCharmlee Wilderness Park
This 3.25-mile loop is one of several possible hikes in this bluff-top park with ocean views over Malibu.
Corral Canyon malibu hikeCorral Canyon
This 2.5-mile loop offers ocean and canyon views from a unspoiled section of the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu.
Escondido Falls hikeEscondido Falls
This 4-mile out and back visits a 200-foot waterfall that is split into two tiers. The upper tier is 150 feet tall and stunning after a rainstorm (but the trail is steep and may be difficult for small dogs).
Ferndell TrailFerndell Trail
This relaxing half-mile hike goes through a tropical garden in the lushest little canyon in Griffith Park. Explore farther on a 1.75-mile hike in Western Canyon or venture up to the Griffith Observatory to see more of the park.
Franklin Canyon Lake LoopFranklin Canyon Lake Loop & Chaparral Trail
This 2.5-mile hike loops around Franklin Canyon Lake and ascends Chaparral Trail (optionally) for an overview of Franklin Canyon.
Fryman Canyon Loop Trail Wilacre Park Hollywood HillsFryman Canyon Loop
This 3-mile loop follows Betty B. Dearing Trail through Wilacre Park and Coldwater Canyon Park around Fryman Canyon in the Studio City side of the Hollywood Hills.
East Sepulveda Fire Road Getty View ParkGetty View Park
This 3-mile out and back hike crosses East Sepulveda Fire Road (Casiano Fire Road) on a ridge east of the 405 Freeway that offers light traffic and plentiful views of the Getty Museum and Santa Monica Bay.
Griffith Observatory hikeGriffith Observatory via West Observatory Trail
This 2.1-mile hike ascends from Western Canyon up ridges to Griffith Observatory, getting sweeping views over Los Angeles and Griffith Park along the way.
Grotto Malibu hikeThe Grotto
This 3-mile out and back visits a remote grotto in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. Dogs are permitted along the trail, but not allowed over the last 1/8 mile through the grotto itself.
Franklin Canyon ParkHastain Trail
This pair of short loops explore Franklin Canyon Park and ridges in the Santa Monica Mountains above Beverly Hills.
Angeles Santa Monica HikeLower Canyonback Trail
This 4.2 mile hike ascends Canyonback Ridge from Kenter Ave. in Brentwood to the Mountain Gate Country Club Estates.
Mandeville Canyon hikeMandeville Canyon to San Vicente Mountain Loop
This 5-mile hike incorporating a few trails, taking a DWP road up to Westridge to visit San Vicente Mountain, before crossing Mulholland Drive and Canyonback Ridge to return to Mandeville Canyon via Hollyhock Fire Road.
Griffith Park Three Peak HikeMount Chapel, Mount Bell, and Mount Hollywood
This 5.7-mile loop tops three prominent summits on a panoramic tour of Griffith Park.
Griffith Park Mount Hollywood HikeMount Hollywood
This 1,625-foot peak is a star of Griffith Park with panoramic views that can be reached from Griffith Observatory on a steep 1.4-mile hike or a scenic 2.65-mile trek and from lower in the park in Western Canyon for a hike of around 4.2 miles.
Hollywood Sign TrailMount Lee and the Hollywood Sign via Brush Canyon Trail
This 6.4-mile hike crosses Griffith Park from Canyon Drive to the top of Mount Lee directly behind the landmark Hollywood Sign.
Hollywood Sign Hollyridge TrailMount Lee and the Hollywood Sign via Hollyridge Trail
This 3.5-mile hike ascends 750 feet to reach the summit of Mount Lee behind the Hollywood Sign.
Old Zoo Picnic AreaOld Zoo Picnic Area
This half-mile hike explores the abandoned exhibits and animal cages in the ruins of the old LA Zoo in Griffith Park.
Paramount Ranch hikeParamount Ranch
This segment of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area includes Western Town, an outdoor set cast as frontier towns in TV and film since the 1950s. There are also several miles of hiking trails to explore.
Red Rock Canyon Malibu hikeRed Rock Canyon
The trails in the beautifully sculpted Red Rock Canyon are 2.5 and 5.2 miles in length.
Rocky Oaks hikeRocky Oaks Park
This short and easy hike visits a pond and a scenic overlook in a small parcel of Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.
runyon canyon hike hollywoodRunyon Canyon
This 1.65 or 2.65-mile loop tours the most popular dog park in Los Angeles. Both loops offer good exercise and views over Hollywood.
Saddle Peak hikeSaddle Peak from Stunt High Trail
This 7.5-mile hike combines Stunt High Trail and a section of the Backbone Trail to visit the 6th tallest summit in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Sandstone Peak Malibu hikeSandstone Peak
This 6-mile loop summits the tallest peak in the Santa Monica Mountains.
San Vicente Malibu hikeSan Vicente Mountain from Mulholland Drive
This 2-mile hike approaches the peak from the east and offers views to the north and south en route to the old Nike Missile site.
Solstice Canyon hikeSolstice Canyon
This easy and level 2.6-mile out and back hike visits the ruins of a burned down ranch and a small waterfall.
Sullivan Canyon hikeSullivan Canyon
This 8.5-mile round trip hike follows a wide trail up the center of a sycamore-filled canyon.
Sullivan ridge hikeSullivan Ridge
A prominent lone-standing Live Oak along Sullivan Ridge makes a natural turnaround point and a 7.5 to 8.3 mile round trip hike.
Summit to Summit MotorwaySummit to Summit Motorway
This mostly unpaved road along the ridge between the tops of Old Topanga Canyon Road and Topanga Canyon Boulevard provides a 6 to 6.6-mile hike with panoramic views over the Santa Monica Mountains and the San Fernando Valley (with the potential for shorter and longer hikes).
Summit Valley hikeSummit Valley Edmund D. Edelman Park
This park offers a relatively easy 1.65-mile loop and a slightly tougher 2-mile loop that ascends to Summit to Summit Motorway and provides loftier views over Summit Valley in Upper Topanga Canyon.
Topanga Lookout Malibu hikeTopanga Lookout
This 2-mile visits the site of an old fire tower that still offers great views of the surrounding mountains.
Trebek Open Space hikeTrebek Open Space
This 2.5-mile hike incorporated Bantam Trail and Castair Trail in a park adjacent to Runyon Canyon.
Tuna Canyon ParkTuna Canyon Park
This 1.6 to 5.1-mile hike offers spectacular ocean views from a less-visited park between Topanga and Malibu.
Canyonback Ridge hikeUpper Canyonback Trail
This 3 mile hike descends Canyonback Ridge from Mulholland Drive to the Mountain Gate Country Club Estates.
Upper Solstice CanyonUpper Solstice Canyon
This 5.5 to 6.5-mile hike travels the Backbone Trail across Upper Solstice Canyon from Corral Canyon Road to Castro Crest, with the option to hike an extra half mile up Newton Road toward Castro Peak.
Vanalden Cave hikeVanalden Cave
This 0.6-mile round trip hike visits a unique sandstone cave that you can stand inside and above. The hike can be extended to 1.55 miles round trip to visit a nearby vista point with a panoramic perspective of the Santa Monica Mountains.
Viewridge Trail Summit ValleyViewridge Trail
This 3-mile hike in Summit Valley Edmund D. Edelman Park travels down a canyon on Viewridge Trail (also known Santa Maria Canyon Trail) to Summer Hill Ranch Road where there are sweeping views over Topanga and the Santa Monica Mountains from Canyon Overlook.
San Vicente mountain hikeWestridge Trail to San Vicente Mountain
This 7.4-mile hike travels a scenic ridge between a Brentwood neighborhood and a summit that was once used as a Nike Missile site.
Zuma malibu hikeZuma Canyon Trail
This 2.8-mile hike leaves a coastal Malibu neighborhood to explore rustic Zuma Canyon.
Zuma Ocean View Malibu hikeZuma Canyon Ocean View Trail – Canyon View Trail Loop
This 3-mile loop demands more effort than the Zuma Canyon Trail and provides great ocean and canyon views.
Zuma Ridge Malibu hikeZuma Ridge Trail
This wide dirt service road which weaves northwest up the back of the ridge west of Zuma Canyon offering access to several trails in the area.
San Gabriel Mountains
Mount Baldy Angeles hike Baldy Bowl – Ski Hut
The Baldy Bowl – Ski Hut Trail offers a steep but scenic ascent up the south side of Mt. Baldy, crossing 4.5 miles and 3900 feet to the summit.
Baldy Angeles hikeBaldy Notch
To hike the scenic Devil’s Backbone to Mt. Baldy, you must pass through Baldy Notch. You can hike to the notch, or take a ski lift.
Bridge to Nowhere hikeBridge to Nowhere
This adventurous 10-mile round trip hike reaches an abandoned and out-of-place bridge with a unique history.
Cooper Canyon Angeles hike Cooper Canyon Falls
This 3-mile hike leaves from Buckhorn Campground and visits a short waterfall in an enchanting glen of tall pines.
Crystal Lake hike Angeles Crystal Lake
This 1 1/3-mile round trip hike visits the only naturally occurring lake in the San Gabriel Mountains.
Millard Canyon Angeles hikeDawn Mine
This 6-mile hike from Millard Campground leads past Millard Falls to an old gold mine.
Baldy Backbone Angeles hike Devil’s Backbone
This 3.2-mile ridge-top trail between Baldy Notch and the summit of Mt. Baldy offers incredible views of the San Gabriel Mountains.
Eaton Falls Angeles hikeEaton Canyon Falls
This 3-mile hike visits a 40-footer.
Echo Mountain hikeEcho Mountain via Sam Merrill Trail
This 5.8-mile hike visits a historic railway and ruins from a century old resort overlooking Pasadena.
Placerita Canyon Nature TrailEcology Trail
This 2/3 of a mile lollipop loop in Placerita Canyon Natural Area will introduce you to numerous local plants along with views of Placerita Canyon.
fish canyon hikeFish Canyon Falls
This 4.8-mile round trip hike leaves from an active rock quarry and progresses up a beautiful canyon to a mesmerizing multi-tiered waterfall (dogs are allowed on weekends only).
Gabrielino TrailGould Mesa Trail Camp via Gabrielino Trail
This 5.1-mile round trip hike follows Gabrielino Trail up a canyon along the Arroyo Seco to a trail camp just inside Angeles National Forest.
Gould Mesa RoadGould Mesa Trail Camp via Gould Mesa Road
This road descends 1.15 miles to a junction with Gabrielino Trail near Gould Mesa Trail Camp in Angeles National Forest, presenting a steep 2.4-mile round trip route to the campground with 525 feet of elevation change.
Heaton Flats TrailHeaton Flats Trail
This hike of 3.6 to 6 miles (or more) starts from the same trailhead as the hike to the Bridge to Nowhere and climbs toward Iron Mountain and panoramic views.
Henninger Flats hikeHenninger Flats via Mount Wilson Toll Road
This 6-mile round trip hike ascends 1,325 feet to a trail camp, tree nursery, lookout tower, and visitor center on a landing in the San Gabriel Mountains operated by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The hike can easily be extended to 8.7 miles by exploring a loop above Henninger Flats.
Hermit FallsHermit Falls
This 2.5-mile heads down canyon away from Sturtevant Falls toward a 30-foot waterfall. The lush canyon and the babbling creek are quite calming.
hoegees camp hike angelesHoegees Camp
This 4.25-mile hike follows Lower Winter Creek Trail through a beautiful wooded canyon to a backcountry campground with fourteen first-come first-serve sites.
Icehouse Canyon angeles hikeIcehouse Canyon Trail to Icehouse Saddle
This 7.2-mile hike climbs 2,600 feet through a picturesque canyon to a saddle with panoramic views and extended hiking opportunities.
Inspiration Point Mount Lowe Road hikeInspiration Point & Mount Lowe Trail Camp
This 7.25-mile round trip hike descends Mount Lowe Road into the San Gabriel Mountains to a historic scenic overlook and a trail camp built on interesting ruins.
Placerita Canyon Waterfall hikeLos Pinetos Waterfall
This 5.33-mile round trip hike in Placerita Canyon Natural Area follows Canyon Trail to the ruins of Walker Ranch and Waterfall Trail to an elusive falls in a sylvan canyon.
zion angeles hike Lower Zion Trail
The trail from Hoegees Camp up Mt. Zion is 1.5 miles long.
millard falls angeles hikeMillard Falls
This one mile hike visits a 50-foot waterfall up one of the most scenic canyons in the range.
Monrovia Falls hikeMonrovia Falls
This 1.6-mile to 3-mile hike in Monrovia Canyon Park follows an enchanting canyon up to the base of the 30-foot waterfall.
Mount Baden Powell hikeMount Baden-Powell
This 8.25-mile round trip hike ascends 2,834 feet to one of the tallest summits in the San Gabriel Mountains and a monument to Lord Baden-Powell, a BSA icon and the founder of the Scout Movement.
baldy loop angeles hikeMount Baldy Loop
This 11.3-mile hike incorporates the Devil’s Backbone and the Baldy Bowl – Ski Hit Trail into one see-all loop.
Mount HillyerMount Hillyer
This 6,215-foot summit can be reach from two trailheads for a 1.33 to 6.25-mile hike gaining between 575 and 1,000 feet.
Mount Waterman hikeMount Waterman
The 5.5 to 6 miler can be completed as an out and back hike or a loop, traveling through a pine forest to a round summit. Add six miles to the hike by dropping across a saddle and climbing to the summit of Twin Peaks.
Rubio Canyon Trail Los AngelesRubio Canyon Trail
This 1.3-mile round trip hike ventures into a rustic canyon to a double waterfall.
San Antonio Falls Los AngelesSan Antonio Falls
This 1.2-mile hike visits a multi-tier waterfall along the trail to Mt. Baldy.
San Gabriel Mountain angeles hikeSan Gabriel Peak from Mount Disappointment Fire Road
This 6,161 foot peak is reachable via a 4-mile round trip trail from Mt. Disappointment Fire Road.
San Gabriel Peak Trail angeles hikeSan Gabriel Peak from Mount Lowe Road
This 6,161 foot peak is also reachable via a 3.2-mile round-trip trail from Eaton Saddle.
Santa Anita Canyon angeles hikeSanta Anita Canyon Loop
This 9.5-mile loop visits two peaceful creeks in sylvan canyons, passing a 60-foot waterfall and plenty of beautiful wilderness.
Smith MountainSmith Mountain
This 7-mile hike ascends 1,800 feet to a 5,111 foot summit with panoramic views over the San Gabriel Mountains.
spruce grove campSpruce Grove Camp
This 8-mile in-and-out or 9.5-mile loop takes hikers beyond Sturtevant Falls to a backcountry campground with seven first-come first-serve sites.
Sturtevant Falls angeles hikeSturtevant Falls
This 3.25-mile hike visits a 60-foot waterfall and a lush cottage-lined canyon.
Switzer Falls hikeSwitzer Falls
This 4.5-mile hike starts out above and finishes below a 50-foot tall waterfall.
Trail Canyon Falls angeles hikeTrail Canyon Falls
This 4-mile hike visits a 40-foot beauty on the east side of the San Gabriel Mountains.
Twin Peaks TrailTwin Peaks & Mount Waterman
This 11.65-mile hike extends a loop over Mount Waterman by dropping across a saddle and ascending Twin Peaks, a panoramic summit in the center of the San Gabriel Mountains.
winter creek hike angelesUpper Winter Creek Trail
This 2.75-mile long trail can be used to extend Santa Anita Canyon Loop or create a 4.85-mile loop with Lower Winter Creek Trail.
Upper Zion angeles hikeUpper Zion Trail
The trail from Spruce Grove Camp up Mt. Zion is 1.5 miles long.
Vetter Mountain hikeVetter Mountain
This 3.8 or 4.4-mile hike ascends from Charlton Flats Picnic Area to Vetter Mountain, where there are exceptional 360-degree view from the site of an old fire lookout tower.
Winston Ridge and Winston PeakWinston Ridge and Winston Peak
This 4.85-mile partial loop bags a summit and a scenic ridge in the high San Gabriel Mountains.
Palos Verdes Penninsula
Lunada Canyon Trail Palos VerdesLunada Canyon Trail
This short trail explores an overgrown canyon between two residential ridges inland of Lunada Bay.
Deane Dana Friendship ParkPortuguese Bend Reserve
This 5.15-mile double loop explores the scenic coastal hillsides and canyons in Portuguese Bend Reserve on the Palos Verdes Peninsula and can easily be shortened to 3 miles round trip by omitting the lower loop.
Seascape Trail Palos VerdesSeascape Trail
This level family-friendly 1.5-mile hike explores scenic coastal bluffs north of the historic Vicente Point Lighthouse.
White Point Palos VerdesWhite Point Nature Preserve
This 1 to 2.5-mile hike explores an open space containing a military bunker built to defend the west coast during World War II.
Verdugo Mountains
Verdugo mountain trailBeaudry Motorway Loop to Tongva Peak
This 6.15-mile loop climbs 1,475 feet to the summit of Tongva Peak on the east end of the Verdugo Mountains.
Verdugo mountain trailHostetter Fire Road to Verdugo Mountain
This 7.5-mile round-trip ride up La Tuna Canyon reaches the highest summit in the Verdugo Mountains, a small mountain range north of Burbank.
La Tuna Canyon ParkLa Tuna Canyon Trail
This 4.5-mile round trip hike ascends a ridge and a pair of canyons in La Tuna Canyon Park on the northwest side of the Verdugo Mountains.
Las Flores Motorway to Mount ThomLas Flores Motorway to Mount Thom
This 5.3-mile hike follows a wide dirt road to the summit of Mount Thom, offering panoramic views from the southeast end of the Verdugo Mountains.
Stough Canyon Old Youth Camp LoopOld Youth Camp Loop in Stough Canyon
This 2.6-mile loop passes the ruins of an abandoned camp in the Verdugo Mountains with views across the San Fernando Valley.
Skyline Motorway Verdugo MountainsSkyline Motorway
This 6.1 to 6.6-mile hike (or more) ascends an abandoned fire road in the Verdugo Mountains with expansive views that include the skyline of downtown Los Angeles.
Vital Link Trail Verdugo MountainsVital Link Trail
This hike of 3 miles round trip or more ascends 1,275 feet (or more) up a ridge on the side of the Verdugo Mountains for a steep hike with satisfying views.
Cave of Munits and Castle PeakCave of Munits and Castle Peak
This action-packed 2.1-mile loop has two great attractions, crossing an impressive cave to climb to a rocky peak with views over the San Fernando Valley.
Kenneth Hahn Park HikeCommunity Trail
This 2.5-mile hike delivers views over Los Angeles from Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area in the Baldwin Hills.
Fish Canyon NarrowsFish Canyon Narrows
This hike of ten miles or more explores an enchanting narrow canyon on the east side of the Angeles National Forest in the Sierra Pelona Mountains north of Santa Clarita.
Thousand Oaks Lizard Rock Hike Lizard Rock
To add extra mileage and views to a visit to Paradise Falls in Thousand Oaks, consider placing Lizard Rock on your itinerary.
LMU Trail HikeLMU Trail
This easy hike of up to 4.7 miles round trip follows the Westchester Bluffs west below the campus of Layola Marymount University.
Paradise Falls Thousand Oaks hikeParadise Falls
This 40-foot waterfall is located within Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks and is reachable via several trails.
Rocky Peak TrailRocky Peak
This 4.75-mile round trip hike climbs 1,100 feet to a 2,715-foot summit in Rocky Peak Park in the Santa Susana Mountains between Chatsworth and Simi Valley.
Tarantula Hill Thousand Oaks hikeTarantula Hill
This 1-mile round trip hike follows a paved trail to the top of a small, round hill in Thousand Oaks with views across the Conejo Valley into the surrounding mountains.
Towsley View Loop TrailTowsley View Loop Trail
This 5.4-mile loop explores two canyons and scenic ridges in the Santa Susana Mountains, passing the narrows of Towsley Gorge in Towsley Canyon.
Vasquez RocksVasquez Rocks Natural Area Park
This 3.4 to 5.9-mile loop offers a dose of desert hiking close to Los Angeles, exploring striking sandstone formations that are frequently used as movie backdrops.

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    Awesome list! Thanks

  2. […] enjoyed the friendly hikers –this is a trail that attracts families with kids and allows dogs. Needless to say, kids and pooches have a blast! […]

  3. James says:

    Dogs are not permitted on Hondo Canyon Trail. This trail is within Topanga SP where dogs are not permitted on any trails. Dog citations in State Parks run somewhere between 2 and 3 hundred dollars.

  4. Keta says:

    What a wonderful site. I just got a new-to-me dog whose favorite thing is to take long, brisk walks. Having her also affords me the opportunity to visit areas of LA that I’ve never been to before (or in many cases even knew about!). This list of dog trails will serve us both very well. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  5. shayna says:

    watch out for rattlesnakes on cold creek trail. My dog and I were almost bitten by one, thankfully my dogs coat was so thick that the fangs snagged in it and didn’t bite her. But I still had to run her to the nearest animal hospital to make sure.

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