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Want to hike to the Hollywood Sign? One way to get there is a 6.4-mile hike through Griffith Park that summits Mount Lee directly behind the iconic lettering. Beyond just gazing up at the sign, the hike offers the opposite perspective, a chance to look down at the city below. The moderate day hike gains 1,050 feet of elevation over wide fire roads, and the last mile is actually paved. As an alternative, you may shorten the ascent and take Hollyridge Trail to Mount Lee for a 3.5-mile hike with 750 feet of elevation gain, or reach the summit by hiking across the adjacent Cahuenga Peak for a steeper 3-mile round trip hike with 875 feet of elevation gain.

Begin this hike to the Hollywood Sign at the north end of Canyon Drive. After parking in the free lots along the road, hike around the gate up the center of a wide canyon on Brush Canyon Trail. The dirt road finds the east side of the canyon and climbs above the trees. Plan on being completely sun-exposed from this point on.

Brush Canyon Trail rounds the top of the canyon and comes to an overlook at 1.25 miles. The view down on Los Angeles is so satisfying that many hikers turn around right here.

Hollywood Sign Hike
A view of Hollywood from the overlook

Just above the overlook, Brush Canyon Trail merges with Mulholland Fire Road. Turn left and continue west toward Mount Lee. Intermittent side views of the Hollywood Sign will reassure you that you are heading in the correct direction.

Hollywood Sign Hike
Looking east on Mulholland Fire Road toward Mount Lee

The road levels out some as it winds around a few ridges. Bear right at a junction with Hollyridge Trail coming up from Beachwood Drive and the horse stables at Sunset Ranch. Hike past another overlook and continue along Mulholland until the trail hits Mount Lee Road, 2.25 miles from the start.

Hollywood Sign Hike
Looking up at Mount Lee and the Hollywood Sign

Turn right and follow the winding, paved road to the summit, gaining 430 feet in 0.95 miles. As you climb, look east for a nice view of the Griffith Observatory. The road eventually ascends to the north side of the mountain for a view over Burbank, the Verdugo Mountains, and the San Gabriel Mountains.

Hollywood Sign Hike
Looking through the fence at the Hollywood Sign

At the top of the mountain, the road makes a horseshoe bend to the left, passing a plaque and a junction with Aileen Getty Ridge Trail, which crosses a ridge to Cahuenga Peak. Around the bend in Mount Lee Road, you will find yourself right on top of the H in Hollywood. A tall chain-link fence keeps hikers from approaching the tall white letters and obscures the view.

Walk up along the fence to a closed-off area full of radio towers and take the dirt path to the left up to the true summit, twenty feet above the road. The 1,700-foot mountain offers sweeping views of the eastern ridges and peaks of the Santa Monica Mountains and the city below. Picture everywhere you can see the Hollywood Sign from and that’s what’s in sight.

Hollywood Sign Hike
Looking out over the top of the Hollywood Sign

If you came this far (3.2 miles) and have the energy for a bit more, extending the hike out to Cahuenga Peak is highly recommended. Two tenths of a mile from the top, at the outside of the big bend in the road, find Aileen Getty Ridge Trail and follow this narrow, rugged path west over the ridge to Caheunga Peak. The mountainside drops off steeply on both sides of the ridge, delivering dramatic views that include Lake Hollywood to the southwest. Follow Aileen Getty Ridge Trail for a third of a mile to the 1,820-foot summit of Cahuenga Peak, which was spared from developed by citizens who blocked a housing project and contributed to the Save the Sign campaign. The land was purchased in April or 2010 and donated to the city to become part of Griffith Park. The single-track trail to the less-visited summit is a nice change from the wide fire roads leading up to the Hollywood Sign.

Hollywood Sign Hike
Aileen Getty Ridge Trail to Cahuenga Peak

After enjoying one or both peaks, simply return the way you came. It is 6.4 miles to Mount Lee and back, or 7.1 miles if you include Cahuenga Peak. This is a dog-friendly trail and there is a seasonal drinking hole for dogs about half a mile from the trailhead. No fee or permit is required to visit Griffith Park, so get out and enjoy. Check out this breakdown of the trails to the Hollywood Sign to compare the routes to Mount Lee and find other hikes in Griffith Park.

For a bit more fun, head southeast from the trailhead on a dirt fire road to Bronson Cave. After 1/4 mile, turn left into a quarry with a cinematic tunnel made famous for its portrayal of the Batcave in the TV version of Batman from the 1960s. To the right of the tunnel, bold hikers may take very steep path that climbs up the ridge toward Mulholland Fire Road.

The basic directions for this hike are:

  1. Hike north from the end of Canyon Drive
  2. Reach the top of Brush Canyon Trail and turn left onto Mulholland Fire Road (1.3 miles)
  3. Stay to the right past the top of Hollyridge Trail (1.9 miles)
  4. Turn right up Mount Lee Road (2.15 miles)
  5. Round the bend just below the summit, passing Aileen Getty Ridge Trail to Cahuenga Peak (3.05 miles)
  6. Reach the top of Mount Lee above the Hollywood Sign (3.2 miles)

To get to the trailhead: From Franklin Avenue, north of the 101 Freeway and Hollywood Boulevard, turn north on Canyon Drive (between Bronson Avenue and Van Ness Avenue) and drive 1.4 miles to the trailhead. There is a small parking area on the left past a larger lot on the right.

Trailhead address: 3200 Canyon Drive, Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA 90068
Trailhead coordinates: 34.12485, -118.3136 (34° 07′ 29.46″N 118° 18′ 48.95″W)


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These photos were taken in May of 2010 and August of 2012. Click to enlarge.
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Distance: 6.4 miles · Elevation change: 1050 feet

12 Comments on Brush Canyon Trail to Mount Lee and the Hollywood Sign in Griffith Park

  1. kshoufer says:

    I hiked this trail with the L.A. Meetup group and loved every minute of it.
    Thanks for the detailed post.

  2. Lennie Ross says:

    I’ve done this hike a few times from Canyon Drive. It’s great. Excellent directions and photos. Thank you.

  3. Harper says:

    I hiked this last May. It is a fun “intro to LA” hike. It was less of a slip hazard than a lot of other trails. I was wearing loafers because I didn’t have any sneakers with me at the time and it wasn’t too bad (although I would recommend good sneakers instead!). Views are great. It is popular, but was not excessively crowded or loud. A great half-day activity for active out-of-town guests any time except the hottest part of summer (take plenty of water and go slow and enjoy).

  4. Novice Hiker says:

    What would you say the difficulty of this hike, via Brush Canyon trail, would be? Thanks!

    • Mark Sielen says:

      First mile and a quarter lower moderate- steady climb. Rest of hike to Mt. Lee, easy. Go on a clear day and not on a hot day, unless you start early. Take water. Add short fun hike to Cahuenga Peak, but somewhat challenging due to steep and rocky trail . . . just go slow and wear lug soles if you want to do Cahuenga.

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  6. kbernal says:

    This is a general question about trail lengths on this site. When it says 6.4 miles, does that mean out and back, or just one way?

    • hikespeak says:

      Hi- Thanks for the question. For almost all of the hikes on this site, the overall distance given is for the round trip for the whole hike, either an out-and-back return hike or a loop. There are a few hikes that are listed as one-way shuttle hikes, but those will be obviously described that way. For this hike, 6.4 miles is how far you will hike from start to finish (up to the summit and back down). Enjoy!

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  8. Erinn says:

    Great hike and great directions. There weren’t too many people and the views were just spectacular. I highly recommend it!

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