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Cahuenga Peak is the highest summit in Griffith Park with excellent views of Los Angeles, Burbank, and that iconic landmark – the Hollywood Sign. Visit the Cahuenga Peak, Burbank Peak, and Mount Lee on a rugged two-trail outing.

  • Burbank Peak Trail (formerly Wonder View Trail) climbs from the west, passing a mini-summit viewpoint on the ridge of Cahuenga Peak known as Burbank Peak (home of the Wisdom Tree)
  • Aileen Getty Ridge Trail goes from Burbank Peak up over the top of Cahuenga Peak and along a ridge to the Hollywood Sign at the top of Mount Lee

Combine Burbank Peak Trail and Aileen Getty Ridge Trail for a hike to three summits that is 3 miles round trip with 875 feet of elevation change.

Burbank Peak Trail and Aileen Getty Ridge Trail Peak are rugged single tracks that provide a good workout and more solitude that other hikes to the Hollywood Sign. This route is a shorter alternative to the tradition 6.4-mile hike from Brush Canyon Trail to the Hollywood Sign or the 3.5-mile hike from Hollyridge Trail to the Hollywood Sign.

The first thing to note is that parking is not available at the trailhead or along the top of Wonder View Drive. Don’t be dissuaded. Instead, utilize the free street parking along Lake Hollywood Drive and walk a paved quarter mile up Wonder View Drive to the start of the trail.

Pass around the yellow gate at the top of Wonder View Drive and come to a large dirt landing next to a holding tank. Turn right off the dirt road up a single track marked with a sign for Burbank Peak Trail.

Cahuenga Peak Hike
Looking up at Cahuenga Peak and Mount Lee from Wonder View Drive

Burbank Peak Trail

Burbank Peak Trail, which was previously called Wonder View Trail, heads east and rises quickly up the side of the mountain. Radio towers atop Mount Lee become visible straight ahead, offering a marker for the ultimate destination. To the right, you can look out from the mountainside down a canyon toward Lake Hollywood Reservoir.

Less than half a mile from the end of the road (and 550 feet higher), the steep rocky trail comes to a marked junction on a ridge that runs east up Cahuenga Peak. To the right, Aileen Getty Ridge Trail pushes up Cahuenga Peak. To the left, Burbank Peak Trail extends a short distance farther to a point at the end of the ridge that has a well-positioned tree named the Wisdom Tree.

Rest beside the Wisdom Tree and take in broad views over Burbank and Hollywood. Universal Studios and Toluca Lake lie below the peak. A trail register beneath the Wisdom Tree is used by visitors leaving notes at the tree. An American Flag flies next to the peak that is part of a potentially unofficial September 11th Memorial. The 1,690-foot crest that the Wisdom Tree stands over is called Burbank Peak. If you turned around here, the round trip distance for the Wisdom Tree hike would be 1.6 miles, but why not hike even higher?

Cahuenga Peak Wisdom Tree Hike
The Wisdom Tree on the Burbank Peak end of Cahuenga Peak

Aileen Getty Ridge Trail

Follow Aileen Getty Ridge Trail east along the ridge toward Cahuenga Peak. The hike is more gradual now, climbing 145 feet over 1/3 mile to the summit. Looking over your shoulder, you’ll get nice views of Burbank Peak and more distant ridges in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Cahuenga Peak is the twelfth highest summit in the Santa Monica Mountains at 1,820 feet and offers excellent views over the east side of the range.

Cahuenga Peak is linked to Hollywood history because it was purchased in the 1930s by Howard Hughes. Hughes desired to build a home on Cahuenga Peak for Ginger Rogers. She refused and the peak remained undeveloped. Decades later a group of investors set out to build a housing development on the peak. This time it was the citizens of Los Angeles who refused. In April of 2010, Cahuenga Peak was rescued from impending development by the Save the Sign Campaign, which purchased the peak and donated it to Los Angeles to become part of Griffith Park.

Cahuenga Peak Hike
Looking east toward Mount Lee from the top of Cahuenga Peak

Continuing east from the summit, Aileen Getty Ridge Trail drops across a saddle that connects Cahuenga Peak to Mount Lee. This section of the hike is the most rugged, with steep rock steps. As you cross the saddle, enjoy nice views of Lake Hollywood to the south.

The main attraction is just ahead. Go over a shorter undulation in the ridge for a clear perspective of the backside of the Hollywood Sign (at what is now called Hugh Hefner Overlook). To get closer, follow the single-track to its end and step out on Mount Lee Drive. Hang a right and take the paved road up to the top of Mount Lee for a view of the back of the tall famous letters through a chain-link fence.

Mount Lee is 120 feet shorter and less than 0.4 mile from Cahuenga Peak, making it easy to visit both summits.

Cahuenga Peak Hike
The Hollywood Sign from Aileen Getty Ridge Trail near Mount Lee

After taking in the view from above this LA landmark, simply return the way you came for a three-mile round trip hike.

Burbank Peak Trail and Aileen Getty Ridge Trail provide a great outing for those who want to see the Hollywood Sign, but prefer to hike rugged single tracks instead of refined paved and dirt fire roads. This hike has a fair amount of elevation over a relatively short distance, making it a fulfilling hike that is great for entertaining out-of-town visitors.

No fee or permit is required to hike Cahuenga Peak, so get out and enjoy! Check out this breakdown of the trails to the Hollywood Sign to compare the routes to Mount Lee or consider other hikes in Griffith Park.

Cahuenga Peak Hike
The trail up Cahuenga Peak from Mount Lee

To get to the trailhead: Exit the 101 Freeway onto Barham Boulevard and drive north for 1/3 of a mile. Turn right at the light onto Lake Hollywood Drive. Take this winding road for half a mile up to an intersection with Wonder View Drive. Park along the street and begin hiking up Wonder View Drive. If you drive another quarter mile down Lake Hollywood Drive, you will reach the trailhead for Lake Hollywood Reservoir Walking Trail.

Trailhead address: Wonder View Drive & Lake Hollywood Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90068
Trailhead coordinates: 34.1331, -118.3364 (34° 07′ 59.15″N 118° 20′ 11.03″W)

Elevation Profile
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Trail Map

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These photos were taken in May and October of 2010, October of 2011, August of 2012, and May of 2017. Click to enlarge.
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Distance: 3 miles · Elevation change: 875 feet

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31 Comments on Cahuenga Peak and Mount Lee via Burbank Peak Trail and Aileen Getty Ridge Trail in Griffith Park

  1. Ken wrote:

    Wow, this hike has been ruined by the publicity. There used to be a cool ammo box with notebooks you could write in, and things hung from the tree. That’s all gone now, and people have been setting fires up there at night. Eventually one will get out of control. And eventually someone will damage the tree. People were climbing it today. Too bad the people can’t respect what was cool about this place before.

    • Dear Ken wrote:

      The ammo box is still there. Sincerely, someone who went up to the tree today. The stuff is still inside. You can still write in it.

      • ye wrote:

        The box, notebooks and pens is still there, it might have been nailed to the top of the tree but looks like it was taken down and now on the ground. This place is a hidden treasure. I was thinking to bring a hammock up there. Someone brought a lawn chair to the 9-11 memorial on the left of the tree and it’s really awesome. People should hide notes and other treats on the tree that would so great!

  2. Tommy Joseph wrote:

    I am a lazy bum who prefers talking about what he used to do instead of getting out and doing it. I have been to Cahuenga Peak many times as I lived in Hollywood for 23 years. I am not one who likes scary drop-offs, but I do like good elevation gain, at least back when I was doing this in the 80s. I left LA in ’91.

    I was there many times and never saw another person, certainly never a swarm of them – but things change and I would not be shocked to see more traffic, which could be said for anyplace on earth other than brutally hot or cold areas, and even those will be taken it time.

    Anyway, funny thing about me not liking steep drop-offs was the first time I was up in the hills near Cahuenga Peak (without knowing it’s name or even caring) was with a buddy who got ahead of me on the saddle connecting Mt Lee with Cahuenga Peak. I stood back and watched. It looked like he was climbing a steep cliff. I told him I don’t like risky business, I wanted no part of the cliff. “It’s not a cliff”, he yelled out, “come on man, this is nothing.”

    But like a cat that goes into a panic and nothing you can say will change it, I was too scared to move on. Where I stood was good enough. But later I bought a cheap pair of hiking boots, really cheap ones but great as far as I was concerned. They made me feel more confident about grip. Then one day I read about Cahuenga Peak in a book called “50 Day Hikes in L.A.” and thought it sounded like a good workout, and not dangerous either. So I went up the trail myself and loved it. When I got to the top I took a right and went to the edge of the ridge where it bumped into a steep decline down some rocks, nothing dangerous though. It was then that I realized I was standing on the very rocks that had scared me weeks before when I saw my friend ascending them. After realizing how stupid I had been weeks before I began to take the peak from all angles, Burbank, Griffith Park, The Hollywood Resevoir, about 6 different ways. I really enjoyed it up there. It would be a place I’d take a visitor if I lived there today. The only difference is they might have to lead the way as I haven’t taken a good non stop elevation in some time. Thanks for reading.


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  4. […] morning, the boy and I took off to hike the Aileen Getty Trail over to the Cahuenga Peak.  We took snacks and water and set off at a leisurely […]

  5. […] one of my recent outings I turned up a road which led me to discover Cahuenga Park, which has the most wonderful hiking trails and spectacular panoramic views. This is all a walk from my front door, […]

  6. Michael wrote:

    7/24/2014 Hiked up last evening with my wife and grandson. Was a good experience (4th time for me. I love liking in these hills. the trails are clear enough but don’t go without some water! There is evidence of mountain lion presence but I have never seen one face to face. Lizards and rabbits is mostly what I have seen; two skunks and some coyote and deer. Great views!

  7. Jake C wrote:

    How steep is this trail really? The pictures don’t seem too bad but then again I’m getting mixed signals from the comments. Some comments seem like its a nice hike/good workout and others people are terrified to even go any farther? Please help

  8. Chris wrote:

    I just hiked up to the sign via this trail on 6/6/15 and wow is it steep! I took my 62 year old mother who could only make it to the tree and had to stop before the sign. Be prepared for a steep climb most of the way as well as some drop offs and loose rocks. This is not an easy way up and anyone who is not prepared should take the long way via Griffith Observatory.

  9. meg wrote:

    How long does it take to reach the summit of this trail to the Hollywood sign?

    • hikespeak wrote:

      It is just over a mile from the trailhead to the top of Cahuenga Peak. Given the elevation change, plan on ascending for at least half an hour. From there it will take 10-15 minutes to get over to Mount Lee.

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  11. Lance Pierce wrote:

    Charles pierce planted that tree in the 70s. Mcdonalds was giving out mini christmas trees with meals. He planted it and hiked water to it weekly.

  12. […] It was a short but strenuous hike. We took the Burbank Peak Trail which was about a 3 mile round trip. I think it was the steepest hike I’ve ever done […]

  13. […] Wonder View Trail – 3 miles round trip […]

  14. Sam Hobbs wrote:

    The article says “Burbank Peak Trail (formerly Wonder View Trail)”. Where is that defined officially?

  15. Mackenzie wrote:

    Hello. THIS HIKE IS NOT EASY! if you are not an experienced hiker this trail is not for you. The scenery is beautiful, however, the majority of the trail is either straight up or straight down and is quite difficult.

  16. Whenever I make it to this part of Griffith Park, I always go to Cahuenga Peak. I love this trail a lot and always have since I was a kid.

  17. Dave Wyman wrote:

    The last time I was at the trailhead, in 2017, on a Saturday morning, there were loads of people beginning the hike. This was the opposite of what it was like when I made occasional trips up Wonder Drive on my bicycle.

    The trail is steep. This shouldn’t be attempted by anyone not in good physical condition.

  18. Henry wrote:

    Mayor Garcetti remarked that all trails will re-open this Saturday, May 9. I hope this includes Griffith Park.

  19. ana wrote:

    Any one knows if this trail opened?

  20. Gerry Weatherall wrote:

    Hoping to get back to USA, maybe next summer (2022) – we were supposed to be there in summer 2020.
    Are you still allowed access to the Burbank Peak Trail – if you look at street view on Google Maps for example, there are various signs at the junction of Lake Hollywood Drive / Wonder View Drive saying “No access to Hollywood Sign” / “Not a Through Street”…??? Thanks for any replies.

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  22. […] the morning, it leaves a whole day to enjoy whatever it is you enjoy when you get the chance: say, a long walk through Griffith Park in Los Angeles, or a session at the skate park in Grant Park in Chicago. (Me, I’m going […]

  23. […] side. It is considered relatively easy. Parking can be found off North Vermont Canyon Road. The Cahuenga Peak Trail can be completed in less time but is a little more challenging as you’re climbing uphill and […]