San Vicente Mountain Hike

In the 1950s, San Vicente Mountain served as a mountaintop military installation to defend Los Angeles from soviet missile attacks. Today, the 1,960-foot peak provides visitors with a look back at this chapter in the city’s history, along with a great view of West LA and the Santa Monica Mountains.

Westridge Fire Road leads to San Vicente Mountain and is a popular path for mountain bikers, trail runners, and dog walkers (dogs are permitted off-leash in Westridge-Canyonback Wilderness Park under their owner’s supervision). A single-track trail runs parallel to the fire road, exploring the ups and down of the top of the ridge, and offering an enjoyable alternative for hikers. It is easy to switch back and forth between the two routes on this 7.4-mile round trip hike with 730 feet of elevation gain.

San Vicente Mountain Westridge Hike
The path along Westridge Fire Road

From the top of Westridge Road, Westridge Fire Road (also called Westridge Trail and West Mandeville Fire Road) leaves a bountiful Brentwood neighborhood and heads north, weaving along the west side of the ridge. To the southeast, Downtown LA and Century City rise above the skyline. To the west, the trail overlooks Sullivan Canyon and the opposing Sullivan Ridge, where hikers can be seen along Sullivan Ridge Fire Road.

Westridge Trail climbs gradually through Westridge-Canyonback Wilderness Park. There are no confusing junctions to worry about along the way, allowing you to enjoy the vast scenery. Three-quarters of a mile from San Vicente Mountain, the old lookout tower comes into view. A quarter mile later, a DWP road joins Westridge Fire Road, coming up from Mandeville Canyon to the east (an alternate route to the summit). Enter San Vicente Mountain Park and continue half a mile along the spine of the ridge to reach the peak.

Westridge Hike Vicente
Looking back on the two paths

Like Mount Disappointment in the San Gabriel Mountains and White Point on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, San Vicente Mountain was used as a Nike missile defense site during the cold war to detect and intersect Russian missiles directed at Los Angeles.

After a decade, Nike missiles were made obsolete by long-range technology, but the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy has done an excellent job preserving this old site, adding informative panels to keep this history alive.

San Vicente Mountain
The tower atop San Vicente Mountain

The summit remains wrapped in fencing, but in spite of its history, San Vicente Mountain is a very peaceful spot. There are several benches and tables spread out around the old buildings, along with restrooms and a water fountain, making San Vicente Mountain perfect for a picnic.

North of the old installations is an unpaved section of Mulholland Drive, which allows hikers to reach San Vicente Mountain from other points of entry. Residents of the valley can hike to the peak from a trailhead at the southern end of Reseda Boulevard and those traveling the 405 can exit at Skirball Center Drive, head west on Mulholland Drive till the pavement ends, and hike one miles to San Vicente Mountain via unpaved Mulholland Drive (the shortest route to the summit).

San Vicente Mountain
A park bench at the summit overlooking Mandeville Canyon

After enjoying San Vicente Mountain, return the way you came to complete this 7.4-mile hike with 730 feet of elevation gain. Dogs and mountain bikes are welcome. No fee or permit is required, so get out and enjoy!

To get to the trailhead: From Sunset Boulevard, 2.3 miles west of the 405, turn north at the light onto Mandeville Canyon Road. After 1/3 mile turn left onto Westridge Road. Drive uphill on Westridge Road for 2.3 miles to road’s end. There is parking at the trailhead and along the road outside the park.

Trailhead address: Westridge Road & West Mandeville Fire Road, Los Angeles, CA 90049
Trailhead coordinates: 34.08542, -118.50894 (34° 05′ 07.51″N 118° 30′ 32.18″W)


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These photos were taken in March of 2010. Click to enlarge.
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10 Comments on Westridge Trail to San Vicente Mountain in the Santa Monica Mountains

  1. Gary says:

    Nice write up.

    I hiked the 7.4mi Westridge Fire Road to San Vicente Peak and the Nike missile center. When I got to the top the 1 mi section of Mulholland Drive, mentioned here, on the other side was open to drive all the way to the site. The road is closed after dark.

  2. […] hike is the Westridge Trail to San Vicente Mountain.  In the 1950’s, San Vicente Mountain served as a mountain top military installation to defend […]

  3. Jacquie Ochsner says:

    My boyfriend and I took our two dogs to this trail yesterday and it was, by far, the best hiking experience we’ve had off leash with our pups. So many other fellow responsible dog owners with their pups off leash and all getting along beautifully! Pit bulls, terrier mixes, shepherds, collies–ALL off leash and having a great time getting exercise in the fresh air of the Santa Monica Mountains. Definitely our new favorite hiking trail!

  4. heather funston says:

    dogs off leash by karen

  5. DG says:

    *WARNING* – my dog was bitten by a baby rattlesnake on Sat. 29 Mar 2014 on this hike. It would seem that rattlesnake season is starting early this year. Be careful with your dogs!!!

  6. joc says:

    Hey DG, I was thinking about taking my dog hiking here this weekend but am concerned about rattlesnakes. Was your dog on or off the trail and on or off leash?

  7. Michael Butkus says:

    A great trail marred by irresponsible dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets: The single track is literally an open sewer in sections – easily the worst in LA. Judging by the expensive vehicles parked in the lot, bourgeois westsiders are used to their maids cleaning up.

  8. Noriko says:

    Which is the highest altitude around San Vicente Mountain and Westridge area? And high high, it said 730 ft but everywhere?

  9. Annina Jones says:

    beware, young rattlesnakes are present. My dog just got bit by one.

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