Hikes in Topanga State Park

Topanga State Park preserves over 11,500 acres of the Santa Monica Mountains in a beautiful area north of the Pacific Palisades, east of Topanga Canyon, and south of Reseda (location map). The park is situated entirely within the Los Angeles city limits and is considered “the world’s largest wildland within the boundaries of a major city.” You certainly won’t feel like you’re in a city when you hike through Topanga State Park. Enjoy ocean views from chaparral-covered ridges or relax in shaded oak groves.

Topanga State Park Trail
East Topanga Fire Road in Topanga State Park

Numerous trailheads for Topanga State Park can be found along the park edges. For those who want to drive into the park, Trippet Ranch is the main trailhead, offering hikes to Eagle Rock, a summit of Swiss-cheese-like sandstone and Parker Mesa Overlook, a bluff with breathtaking views over the Pacific Ocean. To see another sandstone creation, head to Skull Rock. For a short outing with soothing ocean views, hike Los Liones Trail. During the rainy season, fleeting Santa Ynez Falls is a fun target too.

Topanga State Park Hiking
Eagle Rock from Temescal Ridge Trail in Topanga State Park

Topanga State Park has one campground, an 8-site trail camp called Musch Camp, located about one mile mile from Trippet Ranch.

Directions to Tripet Ranch: Take Topanga Canyon Road inland from Pacific Coast Highway for 4.6 miles to Entrada Road (or from the 101 Freeway, drive 7.7 miles south on Topanga Canyon Road to Entrada Road). Turn east on Entrada Road and drive up the mountain for one mile, following signs for Topanga State Park. A $10 day-use fee is required to park a vehicle at Trippet Ranch, which is open from . Free parking is available along the road outside the park.

Trailhead address: 20829 Entrada Road, Topanga Canyon, CA 90290
Trailhead coordinates: 34.0933, -118.5874 (34° 05′ 35.87″N 118° 35′ 14.64″W)

Great Neighborhood

Topanga State Park is just one piece of a patchwork of parks in the Santa Monica Mountains. Several other parks, like Temescal Gateway Park and Will Rogers State Historic Park, border Topanga State Park, further expanding the hiking possibilities! Trails in and around Topanga State Park are shown on the interactive map below.

Topanga State Park Hikes

These hikes are listed roughly from west to east and north to south. Sort the list alphabetically or by distance to pick the trail for you. The listed hikes link to write-ups with complete descriptions and directions as well as GPS maps, elevation profiles, and lots of photos – everything you need to get out and explore these trails!

TrailDescriptionDistance Location
Eagle Rock Trippet Ranch Hike245Eagle Rock from Trippet Ranch
This loop takes Musch Trail and Eagle Springs Fire Road to visit an exceptional sandstone summit in Topanga State Park.
4.5 miles
800 feet
Parker Mesa Trippet Ranch Hike250Parker Mesa Overlook from Trippet Ranch
This out and back hike from Topanga State Park's main trailhead leads to a bluff with immense ocean views.
6.7 miles
375 feet
Parker Mesa Overlook255Parker Mesa Overlook from Paseo Miramar
This steep out and back hike rewards the effort with Pacific Ocean views en route to an overlook perched above Santa Monica Bay.
5.7 - 7.8 miles
900 - 1,250 feet
Los Liones Trail260Los Liones Trail
This out and back hike visits a lust canyon with ocean views and can be used to reach Parker Mesa Overlook.
2.6 miles
550 feet
Eagle Rock Topanga265Eagle Rock from Santa Ynez Canyon
This out and back hike crosses a shaded canyon, climbing a ridge to summit a sandstone prominence in Topanga State Park.
7.4 miles
1,400 feet
Santa Ynez Falls270Santa Ynez Falls
This out and back hike follows a shaded creek to a gorge containing a short waterfall.
2.5 miles
250 feet
Winnetka Ridge Trail272Winnetka Ridge Trail
This ridge top hike ventures into the Santa Monica Mountains from the end of Winnetka Avenue in Woodland Hills.
1.5 miles
200 feet
Corbin Canyon Park273Corbin Canyon
This partial loop offers an easy stroll along the bottom of a canyon on the north side of the Santa Monica Mountains near Tarzana and Woodland Hills.
2.05 miles
150 feet
Temescal Peak285Temescal Peak
This pair of out and back hikes ascend Temescal Ridge to a summit with sweeping views over Topanga State Park.
5.8 - 7.6 miles
575 - 1,200 feet
Skull Rock Temescal Ridge290Skull Rock
This out and back hike descends Temescal Ridge to a head-shaped formation with great views over Santa Monica Bay.
1.5 miles
225 feet
Reseda Boulevard hike293Hub Junction from Reseda Boulevard
This hike from the edge of the San Fernando Valley goes through Topanga State Park to a scenic junction at the crossroads of the Eastern Santa Monica Mountains. Extend the trek to 6.85 miles round trip by summiting Temescal Peak or to 7.95 miles round trip by taking a loop to Eagle Rock.
5.3 - 5.45 miles
400 - 460 feet
Cabarillo Canyon hike295Caballero Canyon Trail
This out and back hike ascends a canyon to views over the San Fernando Valley.
3.4 miles
625 feet
Will Rogers Rustic Canyon315Rustic Canyon's Murphy Ranch from Will Rogers State Historic Park
This adventure visits the former ruins of a commune built by Nazi sympathizers in a canyon in Topanga State Park east of Will Rogers.
4 - 5 miles
225 - 950 feet
Rustic Canyon Murphy Ranch320Rustic Canyon's Murphy Ranch from Sullivan Ridge
This loop drops from Sullivan Ridge into Rustic Canyon, where hikers could visit abandoned buildings once occupied by Nazi sympathizers.
3.85 miles
325 feet
Sullivan Ridge325Sullivan Ridge
This out and back hike follows a scenic 6.3-mile long ridge on the east side of Topanga State Park
7.5 - 14.3 miles
1,200 - 1,350 feet
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