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Parker Mesa Overlook is one of the best vista points in the Santa Monica Mountains, serving up panoramic views over Santa Monica Bay from a 1,525-foot oceanfront ridge in Topanga State Park. The overlook is located along East Topanga Fire Road, a north-south running ridge trail spanning between Trippet Ranch, the park’s main trailhead in the north, and Paseo Miramar in the Pacific Palisades to the south. From Trippet Ranch to Parker Mesa Overlook is a 6.7-mile round trip hike with 375 feet of elevation change.

As an alternative, you may begin your hike from Paseo Miramar for a 5.7-mile round trip hike starting from the south end of East Topanga Fire Road. If you set out from Los Liones Canyon, just below the ridge, it is a 7.8-mile round trip hike to Parker Mesa Ovelrook.

Starting from Trippet Ranch, the directions are straightforward. Begin up the wide fire road departing from the south end of the parking lot next to the sign labeled “Trippet Ranch Trailhead.” Follow the connection trail as it turns right then left up a grassy slope spotted with oaks. After a quarter mile, you will come to an important T-junction. To the left, Eagle Springs Fire Road heads northeast toward Eagle Rock and Temescal Ridge. To the right, East Topanga Fire Road heads southwest toward Parker Mesa Overlook.

East Topanga Fire Road
East Topanga Fire Road

Turn right up the wide and well-maintained trail, which leaves the oaks for sagebrush along the undulating ridge. As you cross the ridge-top, you will be surrounded by broad views into deep canyons. To the left is Santa Ynez Canyon, stretching south into the Pacific Palisades. To the right is enchanting Topanga Canyon, a thousand foot trench cutting across the range.

Topanga Canyon
Looking northwest over Topanga Canyon

It is an up and down adventure on this sun-exposed trail. You will climb 100 feet, drop 50 feet, climb 175 feet, drop 200 feet, climb 250 feet… and finally arrive at the spur trail leading to Parker Mesa Overlook, 2.9 scenic miles from the start. Turn right and hike the final 0.55 miles over rolling terrain to the overlook at the end of the mesa.

From an elevation of 1,525 feet, Parker Mesa Overlook provides a grand perch over the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean spread out below. A pair of benches allow you to rest your legs while you enjoy the expansive view over Santa Monica Bay to the south. Palos Verdes Peninsula juts out from the far side of the C-shaped bay. Beyond that, on a clear day, you will spot Catalina Island on the horizon.

Parker Mesa Overlook can also deliver a mesmerizing sunset. Pack a flashlight for the hike back if you plan to stay that late. Also be sure to leave your vehicle outside Topanga State Park. Trippet Ranch closes at sunset, so park along the road outside the gate and walk in. Mountain bikes are welcome but dogs are not allowed.

Parker Mesa Overlook
Santa Monica Bay from Parker Mesa Overlook

To get to the trailhead: From PCH, take Topanga Canyon Road inland for 4.6 miles to Entrada Road. Alternately, from the 101 Freeway, drive 7.7 miles south on Topanga Canyon Road to reach Entrada Road. Turn east on Entrada Road and drive up the mountain for one mile, following signs for Topanga State Park. There is a $10 day-use fee to park at Trippet Ranch (price as of 2018), which is open from 8:00 a.m. to sunset. Free parking is available along the road just outside the park.

Trailhead address: 20829 Entrada Road, Topanga Canyon, CA 90290
Trailhead coordinates: 34.0933, -118.5874 (34° 05′ 35.87″N 118° 35′ 14.64″W)

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Parker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook HikeParker Mesa Overlook Hike

These photos were taken in March and October of 2011. Click to enlarge.
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6 Comments on Parker Mesa Overlook from Trippet Ranch in Topanga State Park

  1. Lennie Ross wrote:

    This is a phenomenal hike with amazing views of the Santa Monica Bay. I strongly suggest starting at Los Liones Canyon as the first 1.5 miles on the trail are narrow and lush and completely different terrrain (great for running) that the rest of the hike which is basically dirt fire road.

    Excellent directions and information on this site!

    Lennie Ross's ratings for this hike: Lennie Ross gives a rating of 3Lennie Ross gives a rating of 3Lennie Ross gives a rating of 3Lennie Ross gives a rating of 3Lennie Ross gives a rating of 3
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  3. […] More information: Trip description here […]

  4. Rob Clark wrote:

    Somewhere I read that this was a good beginner trail for mountain bikers. Maybe if you are already in killer shape. VERY steep to be riding up on a bike. Nearly every hiker looked at us with sympathy. Great views, tough climb.

    • Regularly ride 30 miles/week on flat cement (beach bike path) and today decided to ride 75% of this route. OMG it kicked my ass for 45 minutes. Now humbled, and needing a jacuzzi. Parker Mesa Overlook trail: I will see you again.

  5. Darrel Luth wrote:

    Those are really amazing views! We have some pretty amazing views here in Arizona as well. It’s really something how wonderful nature is. So beautiful and calming. There’s nothing else like it. Everyone should take time out and just experience what mother nature has just waiting to be discovered.