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With its unique craggy surface and panoramic views, Eagle Rock is one of the most exciting hiking destinations in Topanga State Park. There are several ways to get to the 1,957-foot summit. For hikers leaving from the park’s main trailhead at Trippet Ranch, Musch Trail is an excellent route. The narrow trail is half a mile longer than the more traveled Eagle Springs Fire Road, and is off limits to bikers as it cuts through sagebrush terrain. But why choose between the two trails? Combine Musch Trail and Eagle Springs Fire Road for a 4.5 mile loop from Trippet Ranch to Eagle Rock with 800 feet of elevation gain.

If you elect to hike to Eagle Rock as a loop, you will be better positioned to enjoy the scenery by hiking up Eagle Springs Fire Road and down Musch Trail. However, if you only want to hike Musch Trail, here is a quick rundown of those direction before getting to the loop.

Just Musch: Start up the paved trail to the right of the bathrooms at Trippet Ranch. Pass through a thin strip of forest and across a grass field. After a tenth of a mile, veer to the right on a dirt single track, following a sign for Musch Camp. Proceed into an oak grove and cross a small wooden footbridge after another tenth of a mile. Continue through the riparian ravine, climbing up to a bench, 2/3 of a mile from the start where you can rest your legs and enjoy a great view of Topanga Canyon.

Musch Trail Topanga State Park Eagle Rock
Looking down over Topanga Canyon from Musch Trail

A quarter mile ahead, take the sharp right turn in the trail and continue another tenth of a mile to Musch Camp. Stay to left through the trail camp and push up the mountain slope. You will climb 350 feet over the next 1.1 miles as the views over Topanga Canyon and the Santa Monica Mountains grow and grow.

Musch Trail ends at a junction with Eagle Springs Fire Road, alongside the connection trail to Eagle Rock. Make the hard left turn on Eagle Rock Fire Road and climb half a mile up the rutted road to Eagle Rock.

Do the Loop: For loopy hikers, you will catch the best views taking Eagle Springs Fire Road to Eagle Rock and returning to Trippet Ranch via Musch Trail. Begin up the wide fire road departing from the south end of the parking lot next to the sign labeled “Trippett Ranch Trailhead.” Follow the connection trail as it turns right then left up a grassy slope spotted with oaks. After a quarter mile, you will come to a T-junction. To the right, East Topanga Fire Road heads south toward Parker Mesa Overlook.

Turn left, heading northeast toward Eagle Rock. The wide and well maintained trail continues uphill through a few more clusters of oaks in an area beloved by the park’s mule deer population. Just before the last batch of trees, approximately 0.4 miles from the start, you will pass a junction with Santa Ynez Canyon Trail on the right. This trail can be used to reach Eagle Rock from a trailhead lower in the Pacific Palisades. (From the bottom of Santa Ynez Canyon to Eagle Rock is 7.4-mile round trip with 1,400 feet of elevation gain.)

Topanga State Park Eagle Rock
Approaching Eagle Rock on Eagle Springs Fire Road

Continue up Eagle Springs Fire Road, which climbs a grass covered ridge, delivering growing views over the Santa Monica Mountains. Santa Ynez Canyon and a sliver of the Pacific can be seen to the right. To the left, you can look down over Topanga Canyon and across the range toward Topanga Lookout and Saddle Peak. After another 0.8 miles, the trail crests a high point in the ridge at 1,700 feet and gradually descend to a 4-way junction.

Straight ahead Eagle Spring Fire Road continues northeast toward Temescal Ridge. To the left, another wide trail, Eagle Rock Fire Road angles uphill to Eagle Rock. To the far left, Musch Trail descends toward Musch Camp and Trippet Ranch. Don’t turn back now! First hike up Eagle Rock Fire Road.

Eagle Rock
Eagle Rock

Gain close to 300 feet over the last half mile on a rocky and rutted road. A third of the way up the trail, get an excellent view of Eagle Rock, a massive block of sandstone jutting out of the chaparral doing an impersonation of Swiss cheese.

Two thirds of the way up, find an expansive view in the other direction looking back over Eagle Springs Fire Road and the lovely park you just crossed. Once you reach Eagle Rock, you will be happy you made the climb.

The road continues past the summit, so take the path to the right past a wooden bench up to the pothole-filled pinnacle. There are panoramic views from Eagle Rock, overlooking Santa Monica Bay, the San Fernando Valley, and all the mountains in between. Relax and enjoy the lofty perch, which has arches and sandstone alcoves to explore.

Eagle Rock
Looking south over Santa Ynez Canyon from Eagle Rock

Want more? To extend the hike to another summit, continue east from Eagle Rock on Eagle Rock Fire Road for 0.7 to Hub Junction. Head south on Temescal Ridge Trail for half a mile, make a left up the Backbone Trail and another left up a single track to reach the 2,1,26-foot top of Temescal Peak, 1.4 miles from Eagle Rock. Return to Hub Junction and take Eagle Springs Fire Road west for 1.3 miles to reach Eagle Junction at the other end of Eagle Rock Fire Road and the top of Musch Trail. This 3.4-mile extension will add a second summit and a loop to your hike to Eagle Rock (effectively extending the hike by 2.9 miles as it replaces the half mile hike back down Eagle Rock Fire Road).

Eagle Rock Hike
The junction below Eagle Rock

Hiking back on Musch Trail: As you descend the dirt single track, you will be facing out from the mountain, enjoying grand views over Topanga Canyon and the Santa Monica Mountains to the west. Weave down a slope of chaparral and sage over 1.1 miles to reach Musch Camp. This hike-in campground offers eight tent sites to backpackers with amenities like picnic tables, drinking water, and flush toilets. Sites may be reserved for $7 per night on a first-come first-serve basis (price as of 2018).

Take a swig from the water fountain and continue down Musch Trail, which angles to the right through a grass field and more chaparral. You will reach a bench along the trail with 2/3 of a mile to go. Have a seat and enjoy the view over Topanga Canyon. Then slip down across a small shaded ravine before emerging from the oaks to cross one last grass slope down to a paved road. Turn left and stroll back to Trippet Ranch, just a tenth of a mile away.

Dogs are not allowed on this hike in Topanga State Park. Although mountain bikes are not permitted on Musch Trail, they are allowed on all the other wide trails in Topanga State Park. The Trippet Ranch trailhead area is open from 8:00 a.m. to sunset. A $10 day use fee is charged to park at Trippet Ranch (price as of 2018). Free parking may also be available along the road just outside the park.

To get to the trailhead: From PCH, take Topanga Canyon Road inland for 4.6 miles to Entrada Road. Alternately, from the 101 Freeway, drive 7.7 miles south on Topanga Canyon Road to reach Entrada Road. Turn east on Entrada Road and drive up the mountain for one mile, following signs for Topanga State Park.

Trailhead address: 20829 Entrada Road, Topanga Canyon, CA 90290
Trailhead coordinates: 34.0933, -118.5874 (34° 05′ 35.87″N 118° 35′ 14.64″W)

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Musch Trail:
Eagle RockEagle RockEagle RockEagle RockEagle RockEagle RockEagle RockEagle RockEagle RockEagle RockEagle RockEagle RockEagle RockEagle RockEagle Rock

These photos were taken in August of 2010 and October of 2011. Click to enlarge.
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19 Comments on Eagle Rock from Trippet Ranch in Topanga State Park

  1. Matthew wrote:

    Really spectacular hike. Did it today, went up to Eagle Rock via fireroad and back by Musch Trail. Wide open views, beautiful meadows, and lush forest. Probably my favorite hike in LA County.

    Matthew's ratings for this hike: Matthew gives a rating of 5Matthew gives a rating of 5Matthew gives a rating of 5Matthew gives a rating of 5Matthew gives a rating of 5
    • joyce wrote:

      Sunday I did Musch trail up to Eagle Rock Trail. Instead of heading up to Eagle Rock I went back down ER Trail and up to Parker Mesa Overlook. It is an awesome day of hiking. As difficult as Musch trail is, it is easier uphill with bad knees than down. I cannot wait to do Musch when the meadows are green (and maybe with less TsssTsss of the rattlers). That hike was 9.78 miles and 1930 total combined elevation climb… it was great!!! Al Fujio you are describing Musch trail but it could possibly also be Santa Ynez. The opening to Musch Trail is to the right as you descend from Eagle Rock (where there is a sign of the birds in the park and a map). Santa Ynez is a little further down but to the left as you head back to Trippet Ranch.

  2. AI FUJIO wrote:

    on that same trail that leads to eagle rock, the trail leads into the woodlands and theres a creek and the trail gets narrow where you see yourself leaning to a cliff, where does that trail lead to? we did that trail but due to a rainout we turned back..

    now we did this hike a while back so I ain’t sure if we had gone off the trail loop since I’ve been reading that its actually a loop trail or there is a loop trail, but i know for sure we went on the trail going further down beyond eagle rock and we made it into this forest type meadows where we walked rocky paths near a river/creek and we made it to this trail where we were leaning or somewhat leaning to the wall of this cliff but it started raining so we turned back..

  3. bill wrote:

    I was fortunate to volunteer at Topanga State Park for 16 yrs+. Wow how time flew at this job as I was a horse patrolman(MAU) for Ranger Services and President of the Topanga Natural History Assn. (since I moved both folded,as it is). The Eagle Rock is a great destination any way you can get there, even from Mulholland there is a fire road that lead to Hub Junction and Cathedral Rocks, on the way to the Eagles Beak on Eagle Rock. The swing into the beak is not to be for all. As to Musch trail’s difficulty, up is easier as mentioned as well on horseback and down hill it becomes somewhere in the 9s for most horse and horsefolk as 1 misstep going downhill may send us to an unwanted hospital visit.

    bill's ratings for this hike: bill gives a rating of 4bill gives a rating of 4bill gives a rating of 4bill gives a rating of 4bill gives a rating of 4
    • Luna wrote:

      Is there any places to camp for free?
      I’m starting a trail job in Santa Monica mountain and I want to find a place to camp so I don’t have to drive all the way back.

  4. Margaret Zickel wrote:

    My first Hike :)

  5. The Lotus Eater wrote:

    Terrible trail. The land is beautiful and the trail head is easy to get to. But this is the trail that people who don’t hike go to hike on. I took some mushrooms with a couple buddies there yesterday and the trail was chalk full of people. And not cool people who wanted to enjoy nature and be in awe of the magnificence of the land. It was all soccer moms and people in yoga pants trying to get their ass just right. As we’re standing there marveling at this giant chunk of sandstone embedded in the side of a cliff almost everyone around us was talking about “omg I can’t believe he didn’t text me” just ridiculous superficial bullshit. I really hate to say it but the people totally ruined the trail. If you like hiking and being out on the land DO NOT come here. These people are idiots that just wanna get their butt toned and are pissed that their iPhone is running a bit slow.

    The Lotus Eater's ratings for this hike: The Lotus Eater gives a rating of 1The Lotus Eater gives a rating of 1The Lotus Eater gives a rating of 1The Lotus Eater gives a rating of 1The Lotus Eater gives a rating of 1
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  7. AlexCameron wrote:

    Love this hike. Very scenic with a great view of the valley/santa monica mountains. Trails are well maintained and offer many detours for the curious mind. I go mostly during the week and you’ll run into maybe 10 other people on the 5 mile hike

    AlexCameron's ratings for this hike: AlexCameron gives a rating of 4AlexCameron gives a rating of 4AlexCameron gives a rating of 4AlexCameron gives a rating of 4AlexCameron gives a rating of 4
  8. […] reflect on this early the next morning, as I hike up to Eagle Rock—Topanga vortex central, according to Babalon. Clay is by my side. We’re quiet as we wend our […]

  9. Jorge Luis Gutierrez wrote:

    Are dogs allowed on the eagle rock trail?

  10. Reza wrote:

    Went here for my first backpacking experience. Loved it. Paid $10 for parking and $7 for the overnight stay at the parking lot machine, then hiked the mile up to the trail camp. There are about 8 spots, as well as 2 sinks and toilets which are clean as well. Half of the camping spots are a bit shaded, while the others are in sunlight most of the day. I went on a Tuesday night and there were many spots available. The hiking here is also amazing, especially the hike from Trippet Ranch to the trail camp, and then onward to Eagle Rock, where the views up top are amazing. The west side of the trail loop is rather ‘primitive’, which I love. On the other side of the loop is a fire road, with more foot traffic, and its more maintained. Many friendly hikers on the trails all around. I will definitely be back…

  11. Vanessa Muniz wrote:

    Are dogs allowed on these trails?

  12. sami wrote:

    Wonder if there’s fire damage on this trail since the 2018 Woolsey fire?

  13. Val wrote:

    Dogs are not allowed. And they do ticket. No warnings.

  14. Sim wrote:

    What time does the park open? I noted it closes at 6:30 PM.

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