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Bishop Peak TrailBishop Peak
This 3.5-mile hike ascends 950 feet to highest summit in the Nine Sisters, offering excellent views of San Luis Obispo and the surrounding Morros.
Black Hill TrailBlack Hill
This short 0.6-mile out and back hike ascends 175 feet to the summit of Black Hill, which presents 360-degree views over Morro Bay.
Fiscalini Ranch Preserve Bluff TrailBluff Trail (in Fiscalini Ranch Preserve)
This 1.9-mile stroll crosses beautiful undeveloped coastline in Fiscalini Ranch Preserve at the center of Cambria.
Montaña de Oro TrailBluff Trail (in Montaña de Oro State Park)
This hike of around three miles tours tide pools, beaches, and impressive cliffs along the picturesque coast of Montaña de Oro State Park.
Bob Jones Bike TrailBob Jones Bike Trail
This easy 5-mile out and back hike or ride follows San Luis Obispo Creek to Avila Beach.
Avila Beach HikeCave Landing
This half-mile out and back hike descends 100 feet to a natural rock bridge at the end of a headland east of Avila Beach.
Cerro Alto Peak HikeCerro Alto
This semi-loop bags the 2,624-foot summit of Cerro Alto, plus a scenic ridge south of the peak, for a 5.35-mile hike with 1,600 feet of elevation gain.
Cerro Cabrillo Peak Morro BayCerro Cabrillo
This strenuous 2.5-mile hike summits the highest mountain in Morro Bay State Park, a 911-foot member of the Nine Sisters.
San Luis Obispo HikeCerro San Luis
This 4-mile hike summits one of the Nine Sisters just west of downtown San Luis Obispo.
San Luis Obispo HikeCerro San Luis from Laguna Lake Park
This 5.7-mile hike reaches the summit from a nearby park.
Crespi Trail Hike Morro BayChumash & Crespi Trails Loop
This 2.9-mile circuit in Morro Bay State Park visits an oak grove and bay views by combining Chumash Trail, Crespi Trail, and Hutash Trail.
Coon Creek TrailCoon Creek Trail
This 5-mile out and back hike ventures up a coastal canyon at the south end of Montaña de Oro State Park.
West Cuesta RidgeCuesta Ridge Botanical Area
This 6-mile round trip hike crosses a ridge in the Santa Lucia Mountains with panoramic views over San Luis Obispo, ascending to a grove of Sargent cypress in a botanical area in Los Padres National Forest.
Eagle Rock Viewpoint Nature TrailEagle Rock Nature Trail
This 2.4-mile hike in El Chorro Regional Park climbs 450 feet to Eagle Rock Viewpoint for an overview of the valley between San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay.
East Cuesta RidgeEast Cuesta Ridge
This wide dirt road offers an 8.4-mile hike to the top of Mount Lowe or a longer trek to the top of Lopez Canyon Trail, offering ocean views over San Luis Obispo and inland views over an evergreen wilderness.
Elfin Forest Natural ReserveElfin Forest Natural Reserve
This easy 1-mile loop on a boardwalk explores a pygmy forest on the edge of Morro Bay.
Felsman Loop TrailFelsman Loop Trail
This 2.7-mile loop crosses oak, sagebrush, and grass-covered slopes around the base of Bishop Peak, providing excellent views of that notable rocky summit and its San Luis Obispo surroundings.
Froom Creek TrailFroom Creek Trail
This 3-mile loop explores a canyon on the east side of the Irish Hills, ascending 500 feet to a nice view over Laguna Lake, Cerro San Luis, and Bishop Peak.
Hazard Canyon DunesHazard Canyon Reef
This one-mile hike in Montaña de Oro State Park descends an oceanfront ravine to a rocky shoreline graced with engaging tide pools.
Hazard Peak TrailHazard Peak Trail
This 6-mile out and back hike ascends coastal ridges to a 1,076-foot summit with panoramic views that include a dynamic perspective of Morro Bay.
Hazard Peak Islay Creek Loop TrailHazard Peak – Islay Creek Loop
This 9.2 mile loop continues beyond Hazard Peak deeper into Montaña de Oro State Park before circling back on Islay Creek Trail.
Harmony Headlands TrailHeadlands Trail
This gradual 4.5-mile lollipop loop in Harmony Headlands State Park crosses a coastal valley to reach picturesque ocean bluffs on the rugged coast between Cayucos and Cambria.
Hi Mountain TrailHi Mountain Trail
This 1.4-mile long trail goes through many phases as it explores the Santa Lucia Mountains east of Arroyo Grande and makes for a 3.25-mile loop including a walk along Hi Mountain Road.
Montaña de Oro TrailIslay Creek Trail
This easy 6-mile out and back hike follows a wide trail up a coastal canyon flanked by thousand-foot peaks, passing a small waterfall to reach an abandoned barn.
Islay HillIslay Hill
This 1.8-mile out and back hike climbs 550 feet to the top of San Luis Obispo’s easternmost Morro.
Johnson Ranch San Luis ObispoJohnson Ranch Loop
This 2.5 to 3.7-mile loop explores a grassy open space just south of San Luis Obispo.
Johnson Ranch Irish Hills San Luis ObispoJohnson Ranch – Irish Hills Connector Trail
This scenic 5-mile point-to-point hike connects Johnson Ranch Open Space with Irish Hills Natural Reserve.
Lemon Grove TrailLemon Grove Trail
This 2.2-mile loop visits a historical lemon grove on the eastern slopes of Cerro San Luis.
M & Lemon Grove TrailLemon Grove & “M” Trails Loop
This 2.4-mile hike uses all of the “M” Trail and part of Lemon Grove Loop Trail for a scenic circuit on the east side of Cerro San Luis.
Los Osos OaksLos Osos Oaks State Natural Reserve
This short hikes explores a pygmy forest of coast live oaks, providing a shady level stroll of up to 1.5 miles.
Cerro San Luis M Trail“M” Trail
This spur off the trail up Cerro San Luis makes its own 1.9-mile round trip hike leading to the large white “M” installed halfway up the east side of the mountain.
Los Osos Dunes Ecological Reserve HikeMorro Dunes Ecological Reserve
This 2.6-mile loop serves up panoramic views over Morro Bay as it ascends 800 feet from Los Osos to Montaña de Oro State Park.
Moonstone Beach BoardwalkMoonstone Beach Boardwalk
This 2.85-mile out and back hike crosses a boardwalk along a charming Cambria beach in Hearst San Simeon State Park.
Morro Rock beach hikeMorro Rock via Morro Strand Trail
This level one to 3.5-mile out and back hike starts from Cloisters Park and crosses Morro Strand State Beach to reach Morro Rock.
Irish Hills Morro View TrailMorro View
This 3.15-mile hike in the Irish Hills Natural Reserve delivers panoramic views over Los Osos Valley and the full chain of Morros.
Murray Hill HikeMurray Hill via Sydney Street Trail
This 2.8-mile out and back hike rapidly ascends 1,275 feet up a rugged trail to a stone seating area at a summit with panoramic views.
Oats Peak HikeOats Peak
This scenic 10.8-mile hike ventures into Montaña de Oro State Park to a panoramic summit.
Old Prospector TrailOld Prospector Trail Loop
This 3.4 to 4.4-mile hike ascends a rugged ravine off Froom Canyon to the ruins of an old mine.
Oso Flaco Lake TrailOso Flaco Lake Trail
This hike of 2 miles or more takes a boardwalk over a coastal lake and across sand dunes to an out-of-the-way beach.
Point Piedras BlancasPiedras Blancas
This 3.2-mile out-and-back hike ventures up the coast from the Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery to Piedras Blancas Light Station. Additional boardwalks at the rookery can be used to add another mile of hiking.
Montaña de Oro TrailPoint Buchon Trail
This 1 1/3 to 6.8-mile hike explores the beautiful coastline south of Montaña de Oro State Park.
Point San Luis LighthousePoint San Luis Lighthouse via Pecho Coast Trail
This docent-led 3.5-mile out and back hike crosses scenic coastal bluffs to reach the historic lighthouse on Point San Luis.
Cal Poly Canyon Design Village TrailPoly Canyon Design Village
This 2.5-mile hike visits an experimental architectural village designed by Cal poly students set on a hillside near campus at the base of the Santa Lucia Mountains.
Portola Hike Morro BayPortola Point
This 2-mile loop explores a short hill just east of Morro Estuary in Morro Bay State Park.
Montaña de Oro Badger TrailRattlesnake Flats Trail – Badger Trail – Bluff Trail Loop
This 1 2/3-mile hike offers a twist on the Bluff Trail, going along and just above the coast of Montaña de Oro State Park.
Reservoir Canyon TrailReservoir Canyon
This 5.35-mile hike ascends 1,350 feet past a waterfall and a collection of junk sculptures on the way to a treeless summit overlooking San Luis Obispo.
Summit Trail Bell Tower HikeReservoir Canyon Summit Trail
This 4.1-mile hike ascends to a point on the northwest end of the ridge above Reservoir Canyon, presenting panoramic views over San Luis Obispo from the base of an old tower with a bell that can be rung with a thrown pebble.
Reservoir Canyon Summit LoopReservoir Canyon Trail – Summit Trail Loop
This 5.6-mile loop ventures up Reservoir Canyon Trail to the summit viewpoint, crosses Ridge Trail to the bell tower, and descends Summit Trail back into Reservoir Canyon.
Reservoir Flats Trail Montana de OroReservoir Flats Trail
This 2-mile loop delivers fine ocean and canyon views as it explores the bottom of Islay Creek Canyon in Montaña de Oro State Park.
Rinconada TrailRinconada Trail
This 3 to 3.25-mile hike near Santa Margarita ascends past an old mercury mine and bucolic views to a grassy saddle with a sweeping perspective over the Santa Lucia Mountains. Extend the outing to the nearby summit of Bell Mountain for even grander vistas.
Avila Beach TrailShell Beach Bluff Trail – Ontario Ridge Trail Loop
This 2.8-mile loop explores the coast between Shell Beach and Avila Beach, on and below a 700-foot ridge.
Sycamore Crest TrailSycamore Crest Trail
This 1.75-mile hike departs from Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort and ascends the north slope of Ontario Hill, arriving at a scenic ocean perch. Extend the hike down the ridge and create a 3.25-mile one-way hike.
South Hills TrailSouth Hills Ridge Trail
This 1.5-mile out and back hike ascends 450 feet to the highest point in a cluster of hills near downtown San Luis Obispo, offering fine views over the city and surroundings.
Stenner Creek Trail The EucsStenner Creek Trail to the Eucs
This 3.7-mile hike goes up Stenner Creek Canyon past a small waterfall and views of Bishop Peak to a collection of freeride bike trails called the Eucs.
Stenner Creek Trail – Red Dog Trail – Poly Canyon Road LoopStenner Creek Trail – Red Dog Trail – Poly Canyon Road Loop
This 4.25-mile loop goes beyond the Eucs to explore grass-covered slopes at the base of the Santa Lucia Mountains.
Terrace Hill Open SpaceTerrace Hill
This 0.55-mile hike tours a flattened mountaintop in the city of San Luis Obispo that hosts panoramic views of the surroundings.
Turtle Rock Chorro TrailTurtle Rock
This easy 2.1-mile hike reaches a short rise between Black Hill and Cerro Cabrillo in Morro Bay State Park.
Valencia Peak TrailValencia Peak
This 4.5-mile hike summits a 1,347-foot peak with stunning views over Montaña de Oro.