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Morro Rock is an iconic landmark on California’s Central Coast. Located north of San Luis Obispo, the 578-foot tall mass of volcanic rock rises above of the Pacific Ocean, separating the inviting sands of Morro Strand State Beach from the blue waters of Morro Bay Harbor. Starting from a protected coastal wetland along Highway One in Morro Bay, this easy beach hike crosses sand dunes into Morro Strand State Beach, where you can walk along the ocean to the wave-battered mini-mountain guarding the entrance of Morro Bay. It is half a mile from Cloisters Park to the beach, and another mile down Morro Strand State Beach to Morro Rock. Spin around to the south side of Morro Rock to stretch things out to a 3.5-mile round trip hike.

From the parking area, take one of several paths westward into Clusters Park, walking under a tenth of a mile to Morro Strand Trail, the coastal route to Morro Rock. There will be a field to your left where dogs can run around and a lagoon to your right where ducks can float around. Take a quick detour down a wooden boardwalk to the right to visit a viewing platform of the small lagoon.

Morro Rock from Cloisters Park
The trail to Morro Rock from Cloisters Park

When you reach Morro Strand Trail, turn left and head south toward Morro Strand State Beach (or take a side trip to the right to explore more of the Cloisters Wetland). As you walk down the level Morro Strand Trail, there will be low sand dunes to your right, protected by a white fence. Straight ahead, the treeless pyramid-shaped form of Morro Rock can be seen towering above the dunes.

Stay straight through the next junction, passing a path that links the trail to a nearby neighborhood. The paved trail transitions into an artificial boardwalk, bending through arroyo willows. Cross a short bridge over the 54th Street Channel to a T-junction and turn right, following a line of pines as they sweep south toward Morro Rock. The trail makes a hard right turn for the beach, and then you will begin walking on the sand. Enjoy a lovely view to the left toward Morro Rock above the dunes, as you follow a sandy path straight toward the ocean. It is roughly half a mile from the trailhead in Cloisters Park to the sand in Morro Strand State Beach.

Morro Rock and Morro Strand State Beach Sand Dunes
Morro Rock above the sand dunes in Morro Strand State Beach
Morro Rock and Morro Strand State Beach Sand Dunes
Morro Rock above Morro Strand State Beach

When you reach the firm sand near the water’s edge, turn left, heading down the beach toward Morro Rock. Morro Strand State Beach is graced by sea breezes and rolling waves, presenting a long straight stretch of sand that ends at Morro Rock. As you enjoy the picturesque views of the massive rock straight ahead, be sure not to miss the broad over-the-shoulder views up the coast toward Cayucos and Cambria.

Morro Strand State Beach Sand Dunes
Walking down Morro Strand State Beach

After 2/3 of a mile walking down the sand, you will reach the mouth of Little Morro Creek. After a good rain, you will have to wade through ankle or calf deep water to cross this seasonal creek (sandals and towels recommended), but there may be no water at all to cross during dry months.

Morro Rock from Morro Strand State Beach
Morro Rock above the mouth of Little Morro Creek

Beyond Little Morro Creek, you may continue another third of a mile to the end of the beach, where the sand hits the basalt at Morro Rock. Cross a parking lot to reach Coleman Drive, which you may follow around the east side of Morro Rock to a breakwater at the mouth of Morro Bay.

The breakwater was constructed with boulders quarried from Morro Rock. There is no longer any quarrying on Morro Rock today as the California Historical Landmark is protected by Morro Rock State Preserve. Morro Rock is the westernmost peak in the Morros, a string of volcanic plugs running across San Luis Obispo County nicknamed the Seven Sisters or the Nine Sisters (depending on how well you count). Climbing up Morro Rock is prohibited, but if you would like to hike to the top of one of the other Morros, there are trails on five of the volcanic peaks: Black Hill, Cerro Cabrillo, Bishop Peak, Cerro San Luis, and Islay Hill.

Morro Rock from Morro Strand State Beach
Jogging toward the seabirds below Morro Rock

It is 3.5 miles round trip to the south side of Morro Rock. Those with smaller ambitions can still enjoy a satisfying scenic day at the ocean by taking a shorter trip to any part on Morro Strand State Beach. The Beach continues north for two miles past the path connecting to Cloisters Park, allowing for longer walks on the beach.

Dog are allowed in Cloisters Park. They are not allowed on the beach in Morro Strand State Beach, but are allowed at the state park’s developed campground, which has 81 tightly-packed RV-friendly sites along the beach north of Cloisters Park. No fee or permit is required to hike Morro Strand Trail from Cloisters Park across Morro Strand State Beach to Morro Rock, so get out and enjoy!

To get to the trailhead: From Highway One in Morro Bay (14.5 miles north of Highway 101 in San Luis Obispo), exit on San Jacinto Street and drive west for one block to Coral Ave. Turn left and drive a third of a mile to the parking area for Cloisters Park, on the left.

Trailhead address: Cloisters Park, Coral Ave, Morro Bay, CA 93442
Trailhead coordinates: 35.38898, -120.860108 (35° 23′ 20.32″N 120° 51′ 36.38″W)

Trail Map
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You may also view a regional map of surrounding Central Coast trails and campgrounds.


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These photos were taken in December of 2012 and may of 2013. Click to enlarge.
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Distance: 3.5 miles · Elevation change: 25 feet

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  2. Ed wrote:

    I think the park’s name is ‘Cloisters’. You have it as ‘Coisters’ and as ‘Clusters’. Great pictures, by the way!

  3. Gar Salzgeber wrote:

    I live in Cloisters and walk Morro Strand State Beach daily. Think you need to emphasize at the beginning that the State Beach is a Natural Preserve and dogs are not allowed at all! Too many times I’ve watched dog owners walk to the beach with their dog on a leash, then unleash it on the beach. Dogs are playful and hungry. If they see any kind of wildlife on the beach they want to chase it, sniff it, lick it, bite it or eat it. Grounded sea otters, snowy plovers, seals, etc. don’t enjoy hassling. A dog beach is at Morro Rock and 1/2 mile north of the MSSB Campground. Wildlife are loosing more safe areas. We are loosing wildlife…

  4. […] and makes for a memorable beach hike. While it will require around a 3-hour drive from L.A. first, Morro Strand Trail is unlike anything you’ll ever see. You can trek across the undulating dunes of Morro State […]

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    is there accomadations for lite walk/stroll for elderly/disabled. ?

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