Angeles National Forest reopens

For the last year and a half, an immense area of the San Gabriel Mountains has been off limits. Now it’s back! Incredible news from the US Forest Service who announced:

Effective May 16, [2011] the Angeles National Forest will reopen about half of the areas that have been closed due to the Station Fire.

Hikers have battled stunning crowds in pockets of the forest that remained open, like Santa Anita Canyon. Now foot traffic can dissipate and spread to the over 100 miles of trail that are back on the table. Switzer Falls, San Gabriel Peak, Mount Waterman, and Cooper Canyon Falls can all be visited again. The open areas are sure to look different, but national forest employees and volunteers have gone to great lengths to jump-start the recovery of the San Gabriel Mountains.

The Forest service released a map depicting the area that is still closed, which includes the trails to Millard Canyon Falls and Trail Canyon Falls. While parts of Angeles National Forest are still off limits, the reopening of so many trails is exciting news for outdoor enthusiasts around Los Angeles.

Update: More areas of the national forest opened in May of 2012, including the trail to Trail Canyon Falls


Los Pinetos Waterfall038Los Pinetos Waterfall
This out and back hike in Placerita Canyon Natural Area follows Canyon Trail to the ruins of Walker Ranch and Waterfall Trail to an elusive falls in a sylvan canyon.
5.33 miles
560 feet
Placerita Canyon Ecology Trall040Ecology Trail
This lollipop loop in Placerita Canyon Natural Area will introduce you to numerous local plants along with views of Placerita Canyon.
0.65 miles
100 feet
Trail Canyon Falls525Trail Canyon Falls
This hike ascends a mountain-framed canyon to a 30-foot beauty on the east side of the range.
4 miles
700 feet
Gould Mesa Road530Gould Mesa Trail Camp via Gould Mesa Road
This road descends from Angeles Crest Highway to Gabrielino Trail alongside Gould Mesa Trail Camp, a hike-in campground in a canyon in Angeles National Forest.
2.4 miles
525 feet
Gabrielino Trail531Gould Mesa Trail Camp via Gabrielino Trail
This hike follows the Arroyo Seco, a mountains stream, up to a trail camp just inside Angeles National Forest.
5.1 miles
300 feet
Switzer Falls535Switzer Falls
This out and back hike starts out above and finishes below a 50-foot tall waterfall.
4.5 miles
650 feet
Colby Canyon Trail to Josephine Peak hike537Colby Canyon Trail to Josephine Peak
This out and back hike ascends an infrequently visited canyon off Angeles Crest Highway up to a saddle below Strawberry Peak and then to a scenic summit in the front range of the San Gabriel Mountains with 360-degree over Big Tujunga Canyon and cities to the south.
8.7 miles
2,050 feet
Strawberry Peak hike537Strawberry Peak
This out and hike to the highest summit in the front range of the San Gabriel Mountains starts out gradual and becomes steep, presenting grand views of surrounding mountains and the cities below.
7.5 miles
1510 feet
Strawberry Meadow hike538Strawberry Meadow
This though hike or out and back hike goes around Strawberry Peak to a remote and scenic flat below a massive cliff on the north side of the mountain, offering views of Big Tujunga Canyon and surrounding peaks along the way.
9 - 11 miles
800 - 1,600 feet
Millard Falls540Millard Falls
This out and back hike visits a 50-foot waterfall up one of the most scenic canyons in the range.
1 mile
150 feet
Dawn Mine545Dawn Mine
This out and back hike leads past Millard Falls to an old gold mine.
6 miles
1,300 feet
San Gabriel Mountain550San Gabriel Peak from Mount Disappointment Road
This out and back hike reaches a peak with great views of the San Gabriels, and you can summit nearby Mount Disappointment for an extra half mile.
4 - 4.5 miles
1,400 feet
San Gabriel Peak hike553San Gabriel Peak from Mount Lowe Road
This out and back hike reaches a peak with great views of the San Gabriels, and you can summit nearby Mount Disappointment for an extra half mile.
3.2 - 3.7 miles
1,050 feet
Inspiration Point Mount Lowe Road hike557Inspiration Point & Mount Lowe Trail Camp
This out and back hike descends Mount Lowe Road into the San Gabriel Mountains to a historic scenic overlook and a trail camp built on interesting ruins.
7.25 miles
900 feet
Cape of Good Hope Sunset Ridge Trail Mount Lowe Road565Cape of Good Hope via Mount Lowe Road & Sunset Ridge Trail
This pair of trails combine for a hike to a historic viewpoint called Cape of Good Hope. Follow the old route of Mount Lowe Railway to the ruins on Echo Mountain to extend the hike by two miles round.
5.2 - 7.5 miles
1,425 feet
Echo Mountain570Echo Mountain via Sam Merrill Trail
This out and back hike visits a historic railway and ruins from a century old resort overlooking Pasadena.
5.8 miles
1,400 feet
Castle Canyon Trail to Inspiration Point573Inspiration Point via Castle Canyon Trail
This trail ascends from the ruins on Echo Mountain to a historic viewpoint that still offers hike-worthy panoramas. See more on a loop back to Echo Mountain that visits Mount Lowe Trail Camp, Cape of Good Hope, and other landmarks on Mount Lowe Railway.
11.45 - 11.7 miles
2,440 - 2,715 feet
Rubio Canyon575Rubio Canyon Trail
This out and back hike ventures into a rustic canyon to a double waterfall.
1.3 miles
350 feet
Henninger Flats hike577Henninger Flats via Mount Wilson Toll Road
This out and back hike ascends to a pine-covered landing with a trail camp, tree nursery, lookout tower, and visitor center operated by the Los Angeles County Fire Department.
6 - 8.7 miles
1,325 - 1,700 feet
Eaton Falls580Eaton Canyon Falls
This out and back hike up Eaton Wash reaches a narrow stretch of Eaton Canyon containing a pleasant 40-foot waterfall.
3.5 miles
375 feet
Vetter Mountain hike585Vetter Mountain
This out and back hike ascends from Charlton Flats Picnic Area to Vetter Mountain, where the site of an old fire lookout tower offers exceptional 360-degree views.
3.8 - 4.4 miles
525 - 650 feet
Mount Hillyer588Mount Hillyer
This 6,215-foot summit can be reach from two trailheads, including the nearest starting point at Horse Flats Campground.
3 - 6.25 miles
575 - 1,000 feet
Upper Winter Creek Trail590Upper Winter Creek Trail
This 2.75-mile long trail can be used to extend Santa Anita Canyon Loop or create a loop with Lower Winter Creek Trail.
4.85 miles
1,000 feet
Hoegees Camp595Hoegees Camp
This out and back hike follows Lower Winter Creek Trail through a beautiful wooded canyon to a backcountry campground with fourteen first-come first-serve sites.
4.25 miles
700 feet

Sturtevant Falls600Sturtevant Falls
This out and back hike visits a 60-foot waterfall in a lush cottage-lined canyon.
3.3 miles
400 feet
Spruce Grive Camp605Spruce Grove Camp
This out and back hike follows the canyon above Sturtevant Falls to a backcountry campground with seven first-come first-serve sites.
8 miles
1,350 feet
Santa Anita Canyon610Santa Anita Canyon Loop
This loop visits two peaceful creeks in sylvan canyons, passing a 60-foot waterfall and plenty of beautiful wilderness.
9.5 miles
1,800 feet
Hermit Falls615Hermit Falls
This out and back hike heads down Santa Anita Canyon's babbling creek away from Sturtevant Falls toward a 30-foot waterfall.
2.6 miles
750 feet
Monrovia Falls hike630Monrovia Falls
This out and back hike in Monrovia Canyon Park follows an enchanting canyon up to the base of the 30-foot waterfall.
1.6 - 3 miles
350 - 600 feet
Winston Ridge635Winston Ridge and Winston Peak
This partial loop bags a summit and a scenic ridge in the high San Gabriel Mountains.
4.85 miles
875 feet
Mount Waterman645Mount Waterman
This summit can be reached on an out and back hike or a loop, going up through a pine forest to a round mountaintop.
5.5 - 6 miles
1,265 feet
Twin Peaks Trail646Twin Peaks & Mount Waterman
This hike extends a loop over Mount Waterman by dropping across a saddle and ascending Twin Peaks East, a panoramic summit at the center of the San Gabriel Mountains.
11.65 miles
3,640 feet
Cooper Canyon Falls650Cooper Canyon Falls
This out and back hike leaves from Buckhorn Campground and visits a short waterfall in an enchanting glen of tall pines.
3 miles
745 feet
Fish Canyon Falls660Fish Canyon Falls
This out and back hike leaves from an active rock quarry and progresses up a beautiful canyon to a mesmerizing multi-tiered waterfall.
4.8 miles
650 feet
Azusa Peak670Azusa Peak (and Glendora Peak) via Garcia Trail
This 2 2/3-mile or 4 2/3-mile hike ascends Garcia Trail to "the A" and one or two picturesque summits along Glendora Ridge Motorway.
1,800 feet
Crystal Lake680Crystal Lake
This short paved hike visits the only naturally occurring lake in the San Gabriel Mountains.
1.33 miles
150 feet
Smith Mountain685Smith Mountain
This out and back hike follows a gradual trail to a steep scramble to a 5,111 foot summit with panoramic views over the San Gabriel Mountains.
7 miles
1,800 feet
Bridge to Nowhere695Bridge to Nowhere
This adventurous out and back hike requires several river crossings to reach an out-of-place bridge with a unique history.
10 miles
900 feet
Heaton Flats700Heaton Flats Trail
This hike starts from the same trailhead as the Bridge to Nowhere and climbs toward Iron Mountain and panoramic views.
3.6 - 6 miles
1,000 - 2,000 feet
Baden-Powell710Mount Baden-Powell
This out and back hike climbs one of the tallest summits in the San Gabriel Mountains and a monument to Lord Baden-Powell, a BSA icon and the founder of the Scout Movement.
8.25 miles
2,834 feet
San Antonio Falls725San Antonio Falls
This out and back hike on a paved road visits a multi-tier waterfall below Mount Baldy.
275 feet
Baldy Bowl730Baldy Bowl - Ski Hut
This out and back hike offers a steep but scenic ascent up the south side of Mt. Baldy.
9 miles
3,900 feet
Devils Backbone Trail735Devil’s Backbone
This ridge-top trail between Baldy Notch and the summit of Mount Baldy is probably LA's greatest ridge hike, with incredible views over the San Gabriel Mountains and the Mojave Desert.
6.6 - 13.6 miles
2,350 feet
Mount Baldy740Mount Baldy Loop
This loop incorporates Devil’s Backbone and Baldy Bowl - Ski Hut Trail to reach the highest summit in the San Gabriel Mountains.
11.3 miles
3,900 feet
Icehouse Canyon750Icehouse Canyon to Icehouse Saddle
This out and back hike travels through a picturesque canyon to a saddle with panoramic views and extended hiking opportunities.
7.2 miles
2,600 feet

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  1. Robert Brown wrote:

    Your information is wrong.
    According to the correct closure map dated May 24, 2012, Trail Canyon is OPEN.

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