Bluff Trail in Montaña de Oro State Park Bluff Trail Hike Montana de Oro State Park

Montaña de Oro State Park preserves 8,000 acres along the picturesque coast of San Luis Obispo County. This slice of Big Sur is located between Avila Beach and Morro Bay, and is a popular destination for beach-goers, hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders. The dramatic shoreline and thousand-foot mountains provide scenic setting for a host of great trails, including the Bluff Trail. The level coastal trail, which is suitable for bikes and wheelchairs, is 2.1 miles long one way with a host of side trails that allow for outings between one and five miles. A hike of around three miles round trip with 90 feet of elevation change is the perfect way to see all the tide pools, beaches, rock islands, and natural bridges, along the superb coastline of Montaña De Oro State Park, hitting highlights like Corallina Cove, Quarry Cove, and Grotto Rock.

Start from the north end of the Bluff Trail at a parking area on Pecho Valley Road just past the Montaña de Oro Visitor Center and across from the trailhead for Valencia Peak. Follow the signs for Bluff Trail and begin hiking south along the coastal bluff. The wide dirt and gravel trail turns toward the sea, venturing out to Islay Point. To the north is a nice view of Spooner’s Cove, home to a popular beach located below the visitor center.

Montaña de Oro
Spooner’s Cove

Continue south across the bluff through low brush with coastal views. Cyclists, joggers, and families pushing BOB strollers share the trail, which arrives at Corallina Cove after half a mile. A short spur descends to this small beach with tide pools full of interesting sea creatures. Children can scour the rocks, spotting sea anemone, hermit crabs, and starfish. This popular destination can be visited on a family-friendly 1.2-mile round trip hike on the Bluff Trail, by hiking back along the coast via the same route or looping back to the start on another trail that lies ahead.

Montaña de Oro
Corallina Cove

The Bluff Trail explore more rugged coastline south of Corallina Cove. From the spur down to Corallina Cove, head directly inland and come to a junction next to a ravine behind Corallina Cove. Straight ahead, a 0.4-mile long trail circles back to the start, allowing for a 1 mile loop without the spur to Corallina Cove and a 1.2-mile loop with the spur. Additional, on the way back from a longer hike on the Bluff Trail, the loop trail can be used to trim 0.2 miles from the return distance, sacrificing ocean views for speed. To proceed along the Bluff Trail, turn right and cross the ravine.

Nasturtiums may be visible at the bottom of the ravine in the spring. Bluff Trail heads south again, serving up bold ocean views. The main trail is complimented by smaller footpaths that weave across the bluff for more intimate looks at the beautiful coast. The rocky bluffs are broken off in small layers that look like intricate steps.

Half a mile past the spur to Corallina Cove comes another popular tide pool, Quarry Cove. A wheelchair-accessible picnic table is right along the trail and another is down a short path closer to the coast, made up of narrow rock point and tide pools.

Montaña de Oro
Quarry Cove

Beyond Quarry Cove, the coastline somehow continues to become more dramatic, leading up to Grotto Rock, one of the more wondrous wonders along this wonderful coast. Pass through a junction a short distance past Quarry Cove with a trail heading to the left up to Pecho Valley Road. At 0.35 miles from Quarry Cove, you will spot Grotto Rock, a tall stone island standing resolute within a rocky cove. Grotto Rock has fought valiantly against the ceaseless forces of the ocean waves and incredible cavernous waterways cut through the base of Grotto Rock allow waves to flow right through dark tunnels. Somehow Grotto Rock has avoided crumbling into the sea. It is an impressive formation, and a highlight of the hike. Take the footpath along the point south of Grotto Rock to gain the best perspective.

Montaña de Oro
Grotto Rock

Looking at the coastline surrounding Grotto Rock, you’ll spot natural bridges carved into the coastal points. The pounding waves have cut several deep channels into the bluffs. In certain conditions, you might even spot a blowhole in the channel just south of Grotto Rock. If the tide and currents are aligned, this is yet another striking feature along the Bluff Trail.

Montaña de Oro State Park Blowhole
A blowhole along the Bluff Trail

A quarter mile past Grotto Rock, and 1.5 miles or more from the start, Bluff Trail comes to one last viewpoint. At a V-shaped pair of benches, take a path off the bluff trail out to the southernmost overlook. From this promontory, you can look south across Coon Creek Beach toward a sinkhole on Point Buchon Trail that has created a large bridge in the bluffs.

The Bluff Trail continues for another 0.6 miles, but it heads away from the coast, making this a good spot to turn around. If you took the spur down to Corallina Cove, you’ll reach the southermost overlook after hiking about 1.7 miles. Hike just under a mile back to the junction along the ravine inland of Corallina Cove and then bear right to take the inland route back to the start for a three mile round trip hike.

To go all the way to the end of the Bluff Trail, proceed past the V-shaped bench on the wide trail, which turns inland and crosses two bridges, rising steadily toward a trailhead on Pecho Valley Road at the southern end of the park. Over this final stretch of the trail, enjoy nice views of Valencia Peak and the tall ridge on the south side of Coon Creek Canyon. The Bluff Trail ends at Pecho Valley Road where there are picnic tables, a bathroom and additional trails. From the south end of the Bluff Trail, hikers could continue heading inland on Coon Creek Trail or venture south beyond the park boundary on Point Buchon Trail. From the end of the Bluff Trail, it is 2.1 miles back to the start (or 1.9 miles back if you opt for the shorter loop trail). The coastal views are excellent in the opposite direction.

Montaña de Oro Ocean Bluff Trail
A path along the bluff

There is less than a hundred feet of elevation change over Montaña de Oro’s Bluff Trail going down to the southernmost overlook. Even if you hike to the very end of the Bluff Trail, there is only 140 feet of elevation change, making the trail suitable for hikers of all abilities. Recent improvements have made the Bluff Trail wheelchair-friendly. The great scenery makes it appealing to everyone. For those interested in spending more time in the park, there are several other trails, along with a 50-site campground. There is no fee to visit Montaña de Oro State Park, so get out and enjoy! To visit a second great San Luis Obispo County trail with the same name, hike the Bluff Trail in Fiscalini Ranch Preserve.

Montaña de Oro
A footpath along the bluff

To get to the trailhead: From San Luis Obispo, exit the 101 Freeway at Los Osos Valley Road and drive a total of fifteen miles northwest toward Montaña de Oro State Park. After 11.2 miles Los Osos Valley Road becomes Pecho Valley Road and turns sharply to the south. Continue the final 3.8 miles, entering Montaña de Oro State Park and passing through a eucalyptus grove before reaching the parking area for Bluff Trail, which is on the right side of the road just past the visitor center The trailhead for the steeper hike to Valencia Peak is on the left side of the same parking area.

Trailhead address: Pecho Valley Road, Montaña de Oro State Park, Los Osos, CA 93402
Trailhead coordinates: 35.272858, -120.888755 (35° 16′ 22.28″N 120° 53′ 19.51″W)

Use the map below to view the trail and get directions:

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Montaña de OroMontaña de OroMontaña de Oro State Park Bluff TrailMontaña de Oro State Park Bluff TrailMontaña de Oro State Park Bluff TrailMontaña de Oro State Park Bluff TrailMontaña de Oro State Park Bluff TrailMontaña de Oro State Park Bluff TrailMontaña de Oro State Park Bluff TrailMontaña de Oro State Park Bluff TrailMontaña de OroMontaña de Oro State Park Bluff TrailMontaña de OroMontaña de OroMontaña de OroMontaña de Oro State Park Bluff TrailMontaña de OroMontaña de Oro State Park Bluff TrailMontaña de Oro State Park Bluff TrailMontaña de OroMontaña de OroMontaña de OroMontaña de Oro State Park Bluff TrailMontaña de OroMontaña de OroMontaña de OroMontaña de OroMontaña de OroBluff TrailBluff TrailBluff TrailQuarry Cove Montaña de OroQuarry Cove Montaña de OroQuarry Cove Montaña de OroQuarry Cove Montaña de OroQuarry Cove Montaña de OroQuarry Cove Montaña de OroQuarry Cove Montaña de OroBluff TrailBluff TrailBluff TrailMontaña de OroMontaña de OroMontaña de OroGrotto Rock Montaña de OroGrotto Rock Montaña de OroBluff TrailBluff TrailBluff TrailMontaña de OroBluff TrailMontaña de Oro State Park Bluff TrailBluff TrailMontaña de Oro State Park Bluff TrailBluff TrailMontaña de Oro State Park Bluff TrailBluff TrailBluff TrailCoon Creek BeachPoint Buchon SinkholePoint Buchon SinkholeMontaña de Oro State Park Bluff TrailBluff TrailBluff TrailBluff TrailBluff Trail BikesBluff Trail BikesBluff Trail BikesBluff TrailBluff TrailBluff TrailBluff TrailBluff TrailBluff TrailBluff TrailBluff TrailBluff TrailBluff TrailBluff TrailBluff Trail

These photos were taken in September of 2010, November of 2014, April of 2015, and November of 2015. Click to enlarge.
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  5. Joanne Smalley says:

    Please, can you update site to include the extensive Bluff Trail closures and the timing thereof. Thank you.

  6. Denise says:

    I have never hiked before but it is something i really want to do…i am making a trip to pismo beach 3/7 and i would like a trail that will be not be to difficult first timer but has lots to see and i do not own hiking i need anything special? and which trail would be best for a first timer…i want to see lots of trees and greenery like a forest?

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    I’d like to get feedback from environmentally conscious users about the renovations. I almost cried I thought they are so ugly. They appear to be ruining this trail. We need to start a petition to mitigate the changes.

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    The Bluff Trail is one of the best things I have seen. Just amazing views and places to play/rest and absorb the nature. Stay on the trail because there is poison ivy everywhere. Nothing to worry, if you stay on the trail.
    Thank you so much for putting pictures and describing how to get there.

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    Bluff trail is open and ADA accessible. Trail work is done and areas that were disturbed are being restored. Fabulous trail and one of the more popular trails in the park. Easy and flat with spectacular views.

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    Can you take dogs on the bluff trail?

  11. dennis93277 says:

    A very easy over four mile trail along the bluffs of the Pacific Ocean. There is a four foot wide gravel trail about ten feet from the bluff edge that you can use. This path is used allot by the resident trail runners, bikers, and exercise walkers. Then there is the trail that runs right up to the edge of the bluffs. The views of the waves crashing against the bluffs and rocks below are just mesmerizing. There are so many whites, blues, and turquoises. Always changing with the crash of the waves. This is just a beautiful place and a photographers paradise. I had real hard time just to keeping walking and not stopping all the time to take that better picture. About a mile into the trail you come to the only access to the beach on this trail. It leads you down to tide pools that form in the rocks at low tide. The North end entrance of the trail begins at Spooner’s Cove. A large beach area that you have to swim, sun bath, and launch your kayak. The bluff trail is located in the Montania de Oro State Park. This is a trail you can travel in an hour and a half, or spend hours looking at the beauty that had been given us. A must see.

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