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Alder Island HikeAlder Island Nature Trail
This short, easy hike off the coast south of Lincoln City explores a small island at the mouth of the Siletz River.
Angels RestAngel’s Rest
This 4.8-mile hike ascends to a panoramic landing with spectacular views across Columbia River Gorge (particularly at sunrise).
Archie Briggs Canyon TrailArchie Briggs Canyon Trail
This 1.25-mile hike descends a ravine to a clifftop view over a dramatic canyon on the Deschutes River.
Beaver Falls HikeBeaver Falls
This short hike slips down through forest to a beautiful waterfall plunging over a basalt wall.
Benham FallsBenham Falls
This 1.9-mile hike follows a leisurely stretch of Deschutes River Trail to aggressive cascades called Benham Falls where the Deschutes River churns and tumbles through a gap between cliffs.
Black Butte TrailBlack Butte
This 4-mile hike summits one of the most identifiable peaks in Central Oregon, which has fire lookout towers and panoramic views of the Cascade Mountains.
Camassia Natural AreaCamassia Natural Area
This 0.8-mile loop tours wildflower-packed meadows and surrounding forests in a blossoming West Linn preserve.
Canemah Bluff HikeCanemah Bluff Nature Park
This 1-7-mile hike explores wildflower fields and forests on a perch above the Willamette River near Oregon City.
Cape KiwandaCape Kiwanda
This short beach hike explores tide pools and sand dunes near a rugged headland on Oregon’s coast near Pacific City.
Cape Lookout TrailCape Lookout Trail
This 5-mile round trip hike ventures down a promontory on the Oregon Coast with beautiful ocean views.
Cape Meares State Park HikeCape Meares Lighthouse & Octopus Tree
This easy 0.8-mile hike in Cape Meares State Park visits a beautiful lighthouse and an equally impressive tree, exploring a coastal cape with tall cliffs and big ocean views.
Catherine Creek ArchCatherine Creek Arch
This 1-mile round trip hike leads to the base of a curious natural arch in a basalt bluff.
Catherine Creek Wildflower TrailCatherine Creek Interpretive Trail
This short, paved loop explores meadows that burst with seasonal wildflowers, passing an overlook for a small waterfall and plentiful gorge views.
Clear Lake LoopClear Lake Loop
This charming 5-mile curcuit crosses lava fields and old-growth forests along the shore of a strikingly clear Cascadian lake.
Wildwood Trail to Pittock MansionCornell Road to Pittock Mansion
This 2.5-mile partial loop on Wildwood Trail and Upper Macleay Trail in Forest Park goes up a wooded hillside to Pittock Mansion, a landmark with panoramic views over Portland.
Dogwood Trail - Alder Trail LoopDogwood Trail – Alder Trail Loop
This 2.8-mile hike uses 5 trails (Keil Trail, Dogwood Trail, Leif Erikson Drive, Alder Trail, and Wildwood Trail) to form a lovely woodland loop in Forest Park.
Eagle Creek Trail Punchbowl FallsEagle Creek Trail
This 4.55-mile hike ventures up a beautiful and dramatic canyon to impressive waterfalls like Metlako Falls, Lower Punchbowl Falls, and Punchbowl Falls.
Ecola State Park HikeEcola Point to Indian Beach
This 2 2/3-mile round trip hike explores a wild and beautiful section of Oregon Coast Trail between Ecola Point and Indian Beach in Ecola State Park.
George Himes TrailGeorge Himes Trail
This short lollipop loop ascends into Portland’s West Hills for a woodland walk with a view of Mount Hood.
Ponytail FallsHorsetail Falls Trail – Oneonta Trail Loop
This 2.85-mile loop starts at Horsetail Falls, passes beneath an overhang behind Ponytail Falls, and crosses a bridge by Middle Oneonta Falls to hit three waterfalls and viewpoints looking out over the Columbia River Gorge.
Head of the Metolius River TrailHead of the Metolius
This 0.5-mile hike visits the surprising source of the Metolius River, a gushing spring accompanied by views of Mount Jefferson.
Holman Lane Loop Forest ParkHolman Lane – Wildwood Trail – Birch Trail Loop
This 2.7-mile loop combines three trails in Forest Park for a refreshing woodland walk.
Latourell FallsLatourell Falls Trail
This 2.3-mile loop explores a canyon with two beautiful waterfalls, attaining great views of both.
Lava River Cave Hike BendLava River Cave
This underground hike explores a lava tube south of Bend that is filled with fascinating volcanic features.
Lower Macleay Park to Pittock MansionLower Macleay Park to Pittock Mansion
This 5.4-mile hike in Forest Park takes Lower Macleay Trail to the Stone House ruins and ascends Wildwood Trail to Pittock Mansion, bagging a big view over Portland.
Lower Macleay trail to Stone HouseLower Macleay Trail to Stone House
This 1.8 to 2-mile hike starts by following Balch Creek to fern-covered ruins and can finish with a loop that exits Forest Park and passes through the Willamette Heights Neighborhood in Northwest Portland.
Lower Oneonta FallsLower Oneonta Falls in Oneonta Gorge
This 0.8-mile trek follows Oneonta Creek between the tall, mossy cliffs of a wild and beautiful gorge to the base of an enchanting 100-foot waterfall.
Maple Ridge LoopMaple Ridge Loop
This 2.8-mile hike in Silver Falls State Park ventures behind both South Falls and Lower South Falls and also explores a ridge-top forest.
Marquam Nature ParkMarquam Nature Park
Hike through peaceful forest in a pocket of Portland’s West Hills on a 1.3, 3, or 4.25-mile loop.
Mirror Lake TrailMirror Lake Trail
This 4.3-mile lollipop loop hike crosses forest streams and ascends to a small lake reflecting big views of Mount Hood.
Mosier Twin Tunnels HikeMosier Twin Tunnels
This 2 to 9.5-mile hike ventures up Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail to a pair of tunnels carved into basalt cliffs on the side of Columbia River Gorge.
Multnomah FallsMultnomah Falls
This 0.4 to 2.6-mile hike visits Oregon’s tallest (and probably most visited) waterfall, offering something to hikers of all abilities.
Multnomah-Wahkeena LoopMultnomah-Wahkeena Loop
This 6.05-mile loop uses Wahkeena Trail and Larch Mountain Trail to visit six glorious waterfalls (Wahkeena Falls, Fairy Falls, Ecola Falls, Weisendanger Falls, Dutchman Falls, and Multnomah Falls) as well as many fine cascades along Wahkeena Creek and Multnomah Creek in two beautiful canyons off Columbia River Gorge.
Munson Creek FallsMunson Creek Falls Trail
This half-mile hike near Tillamook travels up a forest canyon to the tallest waterfall in Coastal Oregon.
Oceanside Tunnel BeachOceanside Beach to Tunnel Beach
This 0.8-mile beach walk comes with an adventurous twist, a man-made tunnel through a cliff that leads from one beautiful beach to a second, more secluded beach in Oceanside.
Old Salmon River TrailOld Salmon River Trail
This hike of up to 5.1 miles explores a lush and lovely old-growth forest along the Salmon River in Mount Hood National Forest.
Pilot Butte BendPilot Butte
This 1.8-mile hike ventures up the dominant landmark in Bend to offer sweeping views of the majestic surroundings.
Hood River Pipeline TrailPipeline Trail
This easy and enticing 2.8-mile hike along Hood River crosses a catwalk atop a penstock flume pipeline.
Powell Butte HikePowell Butte
This 2.15-mile lollipop loop combines Mountain View Trail and Summit Lane to explore the top of Powell Butte and its big views from Southeast Portland.
Deschutes River Trail LoopRiver Trail Loop
This 3.1-mile loop in Deschutes River State Recreation Area borders the bottom of the Deschutes River and explores views from the water’s edge and a grassy terrace.
Saddle Mountain HikeSaddle Mountain Trail
This 5-mile round trip hike rises through fir forests and wildflower-filled slopes up to a summit with panoramic coastal views.
Scouters Mountain HikeScouters Mountain Nature Park
This 1.2-mile loop explores a forested mountain east of Portland, rising to a shelter and a viewpoint facing Mount Hood.
Shevlin Park Loop TrailShevlin Loop Trail
This 4.75-mile circuit in Shevlin Park (just a few miles east of Bend) explores pine forests on both sides of Tumalo Creek.
South Falls Silver Falls State ParkSouth Falls
This 1.1-mile hike goes up to and behind a 177-foot waterfall that is the jewel of Silver Falls State Park.
Spencer Butte EugeneSpencer Butte
This 5.2-mile hike crosses a fern-covered forest to panoramic views from the crown of Spencer Butte.
Terwilliger Hot SpringsTerwilliger Hot Springs
This 0.9-mile hike leads to a natural hot springs in Willamette National Forest where bathers can soak in a series of terraced pools.
Trail of Ten FallsTrail of Ten Falls
This 7.9-mile loop passes ten acclaimed waterfalls in Silver Falls State Park for a picturesque and exciting hike that actually goes behind four of the waterfalls.
Trail of the Molten Land BendTrail of the Molten Land
This 1.1-mile long paved partial loop cuts through Lava Butte Lave Flow and is packed with information and views.
Trail of the Whispering Pines BendTrail of the Whispering Pines
This interpretive botanical trail explores high desert plants on the edge of Lava Butte Lava Flow on a quarter-mile long path.
Trillium Lake TrailTrillium Lake Trail
This easy 2-mile hike circles the shores of a picturesque lake in the forest below Mount Hood.
Trillium TrailTrillium Trail
This short nature trail in Tryon Creek State Natural Area is packed with plant-identifying panels as well as benches and viewing platforms.
Tualatin Hills Nature ParkTualatin Hills Nature Park
This 2.1-mile hike on Vine Maple Trail, Old Wagon Trail, and Oak Trail loops through forests and wetlands in a pocket of wilderness on the west side of Beaverton.
Tumalo FallsTumalo Falls
See Bend’s best waterfall on a short walk to a downstream viewpoint or a half-mile round trip hike to an overlook by the top of the falls.
Tumalo Falls LoopTumalo Falls Loop
This 7.4-mile circuit ventures above Tumalo Falls and explores numerous other waterfalls and cascades on Tumalo Creek, combining North Fork Trail, Swampy Lakes Trail, and Bridge Creek Trail.
Tryon Creek State Natural Area Loop HikeTwo-Mile Loop
Combine Old Main Trail, Red Fox Trail, Cedar Trail, Middle Creek Trail, and Maple Ridge Trail in Tryon Creek State Natural Area to loop through rolling woodland and across 3 bridges.
Wahclella FallsWahclella Falls
This 2-mile hike visits a sublime waterfall in a canyon within the Columbia River Gorge.
Clay Myers State Natural Area at Whalen IslandWhalen Island Loop Trail
This 1.5-mile hike explores a lovely island-like park in Sand Lake Estuary with ocean and wetland views.
Wild Cherry Trail - Alder Trail LoopWild Cherry Trail – Alder Trail Loop
This 3.5-mile circuit plots a charming course through the woodland beauty in Forest Park.
Wild Cherry Trail Loop Forest ParkWild Cherry Trail – Dogwood Trail Loop
This 2.5-mile Forest Park hike plots a nice, short, woodland escape by easing down Wild Cherry Trail to Leif Erikson Drive and rising back up Dogwood Trail.