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Gaze north from the observation site at the end of Head of the Metolius Trail and you’ll have a beautiful (if traditional) view of a river flowing through a pine forest toward Mount Jefferson. Look in the other direction to see something surprising. The river springs to live all at once from a gushing source. The trail to Head of the Metolius in Deschutes National Forest is a quarter mile long and paved. The hike begins next to Black Butte, north of the town of Sisters in Central Oregon.

We typically think or rivers forming from smaller streams of water that come together. This is not the origin story from the Metolius River, which emerges suddenly as a full-flowing river. Metolius River is one of the biggest spring-fed rivers in America. A panel at the trailhead explains:

Down this path a full sized river, the Metolius, flows ice cold from huge springs. The springs appear to originate beneath Black Butte. However, geologists say this is misleading and believe the springs have their origin in the Cascade Mountains to the west. The unusual fault that created Green Ridge is thought to have brought the springs to the surface, thus releasing the beautiful Metolius River.

Head of the Metolius Trail
Head of the Metolius Trail

Set out down the paved trail through a forest of ponderosa pines. Enjoy the fragrant pines as you make your way along the easy trail. Eventually, the paved path curves to the right and descends to a viewpoint.

Head of the Metolius Trail
The observation site at trail’s end

Step up to the railing at the overlook and take in two wonders. To your left, you’ll see and hear water gushing out of Metolius Springs. The water, which seems to come from nowhere, flows at a rate of 50,000 gallons per minute. Turn to the right and you can watch the freshly minted river flow north through the forest. If you only looked in this direction, you would never imagine the river’s source was so close.

Metolius Springs by hikespeak.

Looking north up the river, you should see the snow-capped summit of Oregon’s second tallest mountain, Mount Jefferson, which rises to a point nearly 10,500 feet tall. Benches are provided at the end of the trail so that you can relax and take in the setting before walking back.

Metolius River View
Mount Jefferson above Metolius River

Head of the Metolius Trail is 0.5 miles round trip with 35 feet of elevation change. Dogs and bikes are welcome. Picnic tables and toilets are located at the trailhead. No fee is required to park at the trailhead and a permit is not necessary for this short hike, so get out and enjoy!

The nearby hamlet of Camp Sherman, a little farther down Metolius River, is also interesting to visit. To see another impressive springs on Metolius River, check out nearby West Metolius River Trail.

To get to the trailhead: From Sisters, drive northeast on Route 20 for 9.5 miles to Camp Sherman Road. Turn right and take this road along the base of Black Butte. Drive 2.7 miles to a split and bear right onto Metolius River Road (National Forest Development Road 14). Go another 1.6 miles and turn left into the parking area for the trail.

Trailhead address: Head of the Metolius Observation Site, Metolius River Road (National Forest Development Road 14), Camp Sherman, OR 97730
Trailhead coordinates: 44.4341, -121.634 (44° 26′ 02.76″N 121° 38′ 02.4″W)

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Head of the Metolius TrailHead of the Metolius TrailHead of the Metolius TrailHead of the Metolius TrailHead of the Metolius TrailHead of the Metolius TrailHead of the Metolius TrailHead of the Metolius Observation SiteHead of the Metolius Observation SiteMetolius Springs Head of the Metolius RiverMetolius Springs Head of the Metolius RiverMetolius Springs Head of the Metolius RiverMetolius Springs Head of the Metolius RiverMetolius River HikeMetolius River ViewMetolius River Mount JeffersonMetolius River Mount JeffersonHead of the Metolius Trail

These photos were taken in April of 2016. Click to enlarge.
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Distance: 0.5 miles · Elevation change: 35 feet

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4 Comments on Head of the Metolius in Deschutes National Forest

  1. Tim McCarthy wrote:

    How old is the water springing up into the metolius

    • Kimberly Ann Kennedy wrote:

      I first visited the Metolius Spring about 1972. Then, there was a outcropping that had a handrail enclosure where you were just 10 feet from the gushing forth of the spring. It didn’t just flow out, it gushed forth with such power like it was being shot out of a hose. I am not sure if I can locate that same spot since the videos I now see just implicate a gentle trickle compared to a glorious and exuberant bursting forth I previously saw.

  2. […] the left after a couple of miles at the “To Campgrounds” sign) to the Metolius Spring and the Head of the Metolius Day Use Area. A paved trail leads to the river’s bubbling origin with some great views of snow-capped Mount […]

  3. Alan wrote:

    9/20/22 Area around the observation viewpoint is heavily overgrown and springs were not visible. Disappointing since it had been heavily hyped.