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You don’t have to travel far beyond the entrance booth at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park to get an introduction to the area’s plants and animals. That’s because the easy-walk providing Nature Trail starts from a day use lot just inside the park. Two additional trails along the Big Sur River in this area can be combined with the Nature Trail to form short easy loops. The highlight of the hike is a grove of over five hundred-year-old redwood trees that include an atypical redwood called the Proboscis. Combine Nature Trail with the River Path for a 0.55-mile loop. Alternatively (or additionally), cross the bridges at either end of the River Path and walk along the south side of the river on Warden’s Path for a slightly longer 0.65-mile loop.

The Nature Trail begins across from Day Use Lot Two where there is a panel depicting some of the plants along the trail and animals you might see, including common creatures like woodpeckers and squirrels and less-likely treats like banana slugs. You can pick up a pamphlet for the self-guided nature trail, which has twelve entries to read that coincide with numbered markers along the trail.

Nature Trail Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
The Nature Trail

Begin up the Nature Trail, a 5-foot wide wheelchair-friendly path that passes through a riparian woodland on the north side of the park road. As you head west, the pamphlet will point out the sycamores, cottonwoods, and lovely-scented bays along the trail, as well as coast live oaks on the hillside above.

After a thousand feet, you will pass a path on the left going through the trees to the entrance station along the park road. Proceed up the trail into a grove of redwoods. At this point, you’ll be reading entry number ten in the pamphlet, which offers this:

You have stepped into a redwood grove. How does it differ from the area you have just walked through? The redwood trees grow densely and allow little sunshine to come through, inhibiting plant growth. A lack of undergrowth makes the forest much more open. Enjoy these ancient redwoods, which offer inspiration to the thousands of visitors who walk among them.

The pamphlet goes on to explain that:

Redwood trees have very broad, shallow root systems. These evergreen trees shed twigs and cones year-round, creating a thick layer of duff to protect the fragile roots from being damaged. Redwoods do not often reproduce from the seeds contained in their cones. Usually, new tree sprout from old stumps or from the base of mature trees.

It is truly impressive how these massive trees are able to dominate a forest, and how gratifying it is to walk in their presence.

Nature Trail Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
Redwoods above the Nature Trail

Your stroll through the tall, impressive redwood trees stops abruptly when the trail ends at the park road after 0.28 miles. Cross it to reach a junction with the River Path. You could turn left to walk back toward the day use parking lots, but first turn right and walk into an impressive cluster of redwoods centered around the Proboscis. If you are concerned you might not be able to pick the Proboscis out from all the other redwoods, don’t worry it sticks right out!

The trees in the Proboscis Grove are estimated to be between 500 and 800 years old. Take a short boardwalk through the grove, which circles around the Proboscis Tree. This unique redwood appears to have a nose growing out of its trunk and is one of the biggest trees in the park.

Proboscis Redwood Tree
Looking up the Proboscis

At the far side of the Proboscis Grove, you’ll find the start of the trail to Pfeiffer Falls and Valley View, located across the road from the general store and restaurant for the Big Sur Lodge. From here it is a 2.4-mile round trip hike to Pfeiffer Falls and the Valley View Overlook. Between the Proboscis Tree and the Big Sur Lodge there is a metal bridge crossing the Big Sur River. Take this if you’d like to walk back along the south side of the river, following a camp road to Warden’s Path, which leads to a pedestrian bridge back to Day Use Lot 2. The more direct option is to walk back past the Proboscis Tree and return along the River Trail. This trail goes through more riparian woodland above the riverbank and passes the park amphitheater to return to the start. Neither the River Path or the Warden’s Path go right along the river’s edge, but both are short, easy, soothing trails.

These short, easy trails can be used to connect the park’s large campground with the Big Sur Lodge and the trail to Pfeiffer Falls and Valley View. The Nature Trail – River Path Loop is pleasant as it’s own short walk or it can be combined with the hike to Pfeiffer Falls and Valley View for a trek that’s about three miles round trip. If you took a pamphlet for the nature trail, return it to the trailhead before leaving. Bikes are not allowed on these trails. Dogs are allowed on the River Path and Warden’s Path but are not allowed on the Nature Trail or other trails in the park. There is a $10 day use fee to enter the park or a $35 to $50 per night fee to camp in Pfieffer Big Sur State Park (all prices as of 2016). For a more energetic hike in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, check out the Big Sur River Gorge. No permit is required for this short loop or other hikes in Pfeiffer Big Sir State Park, so get out and enjoy!

To get to the trailhead: From the south, drive up Highway One to the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park entrance, located on the east side of the road, 11 miles north of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and 2.9 miles north of Nepenth Restaurant. From the north, drive 4.4 miles south of Andrew Molera State Park and 0.7 miles past Fernwood Resort to reach the park entrance. There are signs for the lodge and the state park at the intersection with Pfeiffer Big Sur Road. Drive up the road through an intersection for the lodge and cabin sites to reach the park’s entrance booth. Enter and park in the second day use lot on the right, across from the start of the Nature Trail.

Trailhead address: 47225 Highway 1, Big Sur, CA 93920
Trailhead coordinates: 36.250472, -121.781215 (36° 15′ 01.69″N 121° 46′ 52.37″W)

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