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Stunt High Trail begins with a gentle walk along Cold Creek, and then ascends through meadows and chaparral up the northern slope of Saddle Peak to offer great views of the Santa Monica Mountains. Stunt High Trail ends at a road, 2.17 miles from the start, which is a rather anti-climactic high point. From there, pick up the Backbone Trail and hike to the top of Saddle Peak, the sixth tallest summit in the range, where wide views over Malibu and the Pacific can be enjoyed. This excellent excursion to Saddle Peak is 7.5 miles round trip with 1,675 feet of elevation gain.

Cold Creek Stunt High Trail
A bench along Cold Creek

From the trailhead, descend through an oak grove along the banks of Cold Creek, a year round water source. After half a mile, turn left at the first junction, leaving Cold Creek Trail. Head uphill on Lower Stunt High Trail through green fields with open views. The trail narrows to a single track as it crosses the UCLA-owned eco-classroom Stunt Ranch, a pristine preserve that UCLA is kind enough to let non-students enjoy. Continue straight through the next junction to remain on Stunt High Trail, passing a path leading to the right into Stunt Ranch.

Stunt High Trail progresses southward, crossing a paved service road, 1.15 miles from the start. A short distance farther, reach the top of Lower Stunt High Trail as it hits Stunt Road (for the first time). There is a parking area here for those wishing to join the hike 1.25 miles from the start. Turn right and cross the road, heading uphill a few hundred feet. The start of the next leg of the trail is just past mile marker 1.94 and difficult to see if you are not looking carefully.

Upper Stunt High Trail climbs quickly over switchbacks through a forest of bays, giving way to more gradual trail up chaparral-covered slopes. The views across Cold Creek Canyon toward the 2,163-foot Calabasas Peak will inspire you to hike that peak next if you haven’t already.

Calabasas Peak Stunt High Trail
Calabasas Peak

At 2.17 miles from the start, comes to the top of Upper Stunt High Trail where it again reaches Stunt Road by another dirt turnout where hikers can park. You could turn around here, but there is something inherently dissatisfying about hiking to a road and back. Fortunately, you have the option to continue. Just a few hundred feet to the right, on the other side of Stunt Road, is a connector trail to the Backbone Trail, which can be taken up to a much more satisfying destination, the summit of Saddle Peak.

Hike 0.2 miles up Stunt Road-Backbone Trail Connector and turn left onto the Backbone Trail (if you turn right instead, you will be hiking 3.2 miles down to Piuma Road).

Over the next 1.1 miles, the Backbone Trail ascends 720 feet to a junction below the summit of Saddle Peak. Along the way, the Backbone Trail goes up the northern slope of Saddle Peak where the views of the Santa Monica Mountains keep expanding. Pass through manzanita trees to cross a collection of large sandstone formations that beg to be climbed.

Saddle Peak Malibu
Sandstone beneath the summit

The trail turns to the east, bringing into view a radio tower-covered lower summit. Turn right at the next junction, leaving the Backbone Trail for a wide path that climbs to the 2,805-foot summit of Saddle Peak. Walk an eighth of a mile up this trail and turn left to reach the summit. From the mountaintop, you can have a look down on Malibu estates on the slopes below, and out at the Pacific Ocean.

Saddle Peak Malibu
Looking northeast from Saddle Peak
The directions to remember are:
  1. Turn left at the first junction leaving Cold Creek Trail (0.5 miles)
  2. Stay to the left past a trail into Stunt Ranch (0.7 miles)
  3. Cross a paved service road (1.15 miles)
  4. Turn right onto Stunt Road to find the upper section of the trail (1.25 miles)
  5. Turn right onto Stunt Road again at the top of Stunt High Trail to find the connector trail to the Backbone Trail (2.17)
  6. Turn left up Stunt Road-Backbone Trail Connector (2.45)
  7. Turn left toward Saddle Peak on the Backbone Trail (2.45 miles)
  8. Turn right to leave the Backbone Trail for a trail to the summit (3.55 miles)
  9. Turn left to reach the summit (3.67 miles)
  10. Summit Saddle Peak (3.75 miles)

Do the reverse on the return for a 7.5-mile round trip hike with great views of Malibu and Calabasas. Despite having 3 different pavement crossings, this trail immerses hikers into diverse greenery. No fee or permit is required, so get out and enjoy. For a shorter hike to the summit, and to see photos from the top of Saddle Peak that aren’t covered by clouds, check out the two-mile round trip hike up the Backbone Trail to Saddle Peak.

The parking lot at the base of Shunt High Trail is a popular one as it also services the Calabasas Peak Motorway trailhead, delivering hikers to Calabasas Peak and Red Rock Canyon Park (both excellent hikes).

Stunt High Trail wildflowers
A few of the many Lupines blooming along the trail

To get to the trailhead: From the 101 freeway, exit Las Virgenes Road and head south toward Malibu. After 2.8 miles turn left (east) on Mulholland Highway. After 4 miles, turn right on Stunt Road and drive one mile. There is plentiful parking along the right side of the road next to the trailhead.

From PCH, take Malibu Canyon Road until it becomes Las Virgenes Road. Turn right on to Mulholland Highway and take that to Stunt Road as described above.

Another option for those coming from the west side is to take PCH north to Las Flores Road (across from Duke’s restaurant). Drive 3.4 miles up this narrow twisting canyon and turn right onto Rambla Pacifico Street. After 0.6 miles, make a sharp right onto Schueren Road and descend the backside of the mountain for 5 miles to arrive at the parking for Stunt High Trail from the other direction. This scenic route offers a high view on Malibu and the Pacific.

Trailhead address: 1673 Stunt Road, Calabasas Highlands, CA 91302
Trailhead coordinates: 34.09505, -118.64855 (34° 05′ 42.2″N 118° 38′ 54.8″W)

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These photos were taken in March of 2010 and April of 2013. Click to enlarge.
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Distance: 8.2 miles · Elevation change: 1675 feet

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12 Comments on Stunt High Trail to Saddle Peak in the Santa Monica Mountains

  1. terese wrote:

    I’m looking for a trail that has a rusty old Dodge truck on it. I photographed it in 2008 and I’m hoping that it is still there. But I don’t know which trail it is. My photo caption just says “Cold Creek”.

    • john wrote:

      the tral is cold creek preserve, but that portion has been closed to the public for about a year. the trailhead is on stunt road, but the gate is padlocked.

  2. Zach wrote:

    Did this trail a couple weeks ago, definitely one of my favorites in LA. Shaded, plenty of greenery and growth even when most everything in the area is dead, and a stunning view once you go over the summit.

    Zach's ratings for this hike: Zach gives a rating of 5Zach gives a rating of 5Zach gives a rating of 5Zach gives a rating of 5Zach gives a rating of 5
  3. Jim G wrote:

    An excellent hike. I would just caution that the final leg on the backbone trail to the top must be longer than 1.1 miles.

    Jim G's ratings for this hike: Jim G gives a rating of 5Jim G gives a rating of 5Jim G gives a rating of 5Jim G gives a rating of 5Jim G gives a rating of 5
  4. […] *Additional info and location of trail: Stunt Hill/ Saddle Peak Trail […]

  5. india angelina wrote:

    Completely agree with the description: “there is something inherently dissatisfying about hiking to a road and back.” Not a fun part of this Frankenstein, pieced-together but beautiful trail. If you or your precious feet (&knees) are avoiding pavement, I would suggest skipping the roads and starting at the Backbone trail. Beautiful drive!

  6. Lou Filliger wrote:

    We went to the top today, June 11, and the bench was missing. We were just there 3 months ago and I know where the bench WAS, and what it looked like, and am convinced that it is gone. Somebody either dragged it off or pitched it over the edge.

  7. Aime Wolf wrote:

    Can I bring my dogs in this hike? Fully vaccinated…

  8. Brandon Cupples wrote:

    I am looking for a statue of a person meditating with a heart through the middle of its chest and I heard it was around this area is that true.

  9. VLMoana wrote:

    Stunning hike. Did the hike solo on a weekday and there were very few people but just enough that I felt safe should anything happen. People were all very considerate and pulled their masks up when passing others. The directions on this website are key, I followed them and didn’t have any issues at the junctions and road crossings. Been hiking the SM Mountains for 25 years – can’t believe it took me this long to venture on this trail. I will be back for sure.