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Rose Valley Falls is a magnificent two-tier 300-foot waterfall located on the west end of the Topatopa Mountains in Los Padres National Forest. Rose Valley Falls is the tallest waterfall in the range and while it is an easy hike to the base of the 100-foot tall lower tier of the waterfall (0.8 miles round trip with 150 feet of elevation gain), it is adventure to reach the more impressive upper tier.

Rose Valley Falls Trail begins from Rose Valley Campground, a 9-site first-come first serve campground. Set out from the back of the campground up a 0.4-mile long gradual trail to the base of the lower falls. An early creek crossing provides hope of a flowing waterfall. Bays and oaks provide enjoyable shade along a straightforward track. As you approach Lower Rose Valley Falls, cascades will appear in the creek to the left of the trail.

The lower falls of Rose Valley Falls is short and pleasant. The upper falls is long and impressive. However, much like Escondido Falls in Malibu, the trail from the lower falls to the upper is difficult and unmaintained.

Numerous footpaths have been created by bold hikes to get above the lower falls. This is because there isn’t really a good route up. Exercise caution if attempting to reach the upper falls as it requires a good deal of scrambling. If it is above your skill or comfort level, stay behind and relax by the lower falls.

Rose Valley Falls
Lower Rose Valley Falls

The most obvious route is to the left of the lower falls. Cross the dirt bank along a thin footpath. Then follow the ridgeline up through the brush. Catch your breath when you reach the top of the rise, where the stunning upper falls is in sight. Carefully descend the slope of gravel scree down to the creek and boulder up to the foot of the falls.

In the summer, the water trickles down the long elegant black rock. The falls are enjoyable then, but early spring is the best time to see this waterfall at its boldest.

Rose Valley Falls
Upper Rose Valley Falls

Need a place to camp? Rose Valley Campground is a free first-come first-serve campground right at the trailhead with nine sites for car campers circled close together in a field. Rose Valley Campground sports views of the falls, but lacks privacy.

Not far away is another small free campground, Middle Lion Campground, that offers more shade and privacy. A bit farther to the east is the Sespe Wilderness where backcountry camping is free and easy. If you intend to stay at either campground, arrive early or off weekends. Latecomers looking to camp will end up down the mountain at Wheeler Gorge Campground, a larger campground with fees. Consult the Forest Service website for additional camping options. A National Forest Adventure Pass is required.

To get to the trailhead: Take the 101 Freeway to Ventura and head inland up Route 33 to Ojai. Continue another fifteen miles past Ojai into the mountains to the Sespe Road turnoff. There will be a sign for Rose Valley Falls. Drive 3 more miles and turn right on Chief Peak Road, which ends at the trailhead at Rose Valley Campground after half a mile. Display your Adventure Pass and start up the trail.

Campground address: Rose Valley Lake Road, Los Padres National Forest, Ojai, CA 93023
Campground coordinates: 34.5317, -119.1829 (34° 31′ 54.1″N 119° 10′ 58.4″W)

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Rose Valley FallsRose Valley FallsRose Valley FallsRose Valley FallsRose Valley FallsRose Valley FallsRose Valley FallsRose Valley FallsRose Valley FallsRose Valley FallsRose Valley FallsRose Valley FallsRose Valley FallsRose Valley FallsRose Valley FallsRose Valley FallsRose Valley FallsRose Valley Falls

These photos were taken in April of 2008 and December of 2011. Click to enlarge.
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Distance: 0.8 miles · Elevation change: 150 feet

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16 Comments on Rose Valley Falls in Los Padres National Forest

  1. tsuneo takasugi wrote:

    Is the lower fall accessible now? Do I need an adventure pass? If so, where can I obtain one?
    Thank you.

    • hikespeak wrote:

      The waterfall should be accessible. You will pass a ranger station near Wheeler Gorge Campground on the drive up to the falls where you can get more information and an adventure pass. The adventure pass programs seems to be getting phased out, so one may no longer be necessary.

      • amohi wrote:

        Agreed. The people at Wheeler Gorge Campground are very helpful! When I visit this Falls, I stop there for a few minutes just to check in and see if there’s any new info or advisories about the area.

        amohi's ratings for this hike: amohi gives a rating of 3amohi gives a rating of 3amohi gives a rating of 3amohi gives a rating of 3amohi gives a rating of 3
  2. amohi wrote:

    The Lower Falls is a great walk for all ages and abilities. The trail can get a bit full on the weekends. There is also a bit of trash along the trail, maybe from campers partying in the nearby car camping spot? All in all, the Lower Falls makes for a pleasant walk/hike, and the vistas while driving up to the spot are worthwhile.

    amohi's ratings for this hike: amohi gives a rating of 3amohi gives a rating of 3amohi gives a rating of 3amohi gives a rating of 3amohi gives a rating of 3
  3. Alexus wrote:

    Are the lower falls dog friendly?

  4. Barbara wrote:

    I know it says to display adventure pass but is it really required? If so, how do I obtain one?

  5. Elaine wrote:

    Does anyone know if the road is open again? It was closed this past Sunday, feb 19. Would love to go check this hike out

  6. Erika Longines wrote:

    Is there water in the falls now?? 9-14-17

  7. […] Rose Valley Falls, two tiers and 300 feet tall, are pouring heavy after a month of intense storms that brought Ventura County out of the worst drought conditions. It is located 15 miles past Ojai, up Highway 33 off Sespe Road on the west end of the Topa Topa Mountains in Los Padres National Forest. For more information, go to […]

  8. Brian Kimchei wrote:

    Wonderful short hike, dog friendly, awesome view of waterfall. No pass required!!!

  9. Nelva wrote:

    Is it stroller friendly?

  10. MIKE ARAGON wrote:


  11. Diane hilts wrote:

    Can u get in the water?

  12. Lisa wrote:

    Do u need a reservation to hike just for the day?