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Carpinteria Bluffs Trail to Carpinteria Seal Sanctuary OverlookCarpinteria Bluffs Trail to Carpinteria Seal Sanctuary Overlook
This 1 to 2-mile hike goes from Carpinteria Bluffs Nature Preserve to a viewing area above a harbor seal rookery, offering beach access and beautiful oceanfront hiking.
Carpinteria Salt Marsh Nature ParkCarpinteria Salt Marsh Nature Park
This level 1.2-mile round trip hike explores El Estuaro, a vital ecosystem for shorebirds.
Chumash Painted CaveChumash Painted Cave
This very short trail looks in on Native American rock art in the Santa Ynez Mountains.
Gaviota Hot SpringsGaviota Hot Springs
This short hike visits a warm hot springs along the trail to Gaviota Peak in Gaviota State Park.
Gaviota Pass OverlookGaviota Pass Overlook Loop
This 6.5-mile loop tours scenic ridges in Gaviota State Park to arrive at a soaring overlook above the Gaviota Tunnel.
Gaviota Peak HikeGaviota Peak
This 6.5-mile loop mounts a 2,458-foot summit two miles from the Pacific and then descends Trespass Trail to explore the wilds of the Santa Ynez Mountains.
Gaviota Wind Caves TrailGaviota Wind Caves
This 2.5-mile hike just off the 101 Freeway visits wind-carved caves in Gaviota State Park with great ocean views.
Inspiration Point via Jesusita TrailInspiration Point from San Roque Road
This 7.55 to 7.95-mile round trip hike ascends 1,400 feet up the western side of Jesusita Trail to a panoramic perch in the Santa Ynez Mountains with great views over Santa Barbara.
Inspiration Point Tunnel RoadInspiration Point from Tunnel Road
This 3.75-mile round trip combines Tunnel Trail and Jesusita Trail to ascend Mission Canyon to a sweeping viewpoint that looks down over Santa Barbara and up into the Santa Ynez Mountains.
Knapp's Castle TrailKnapp’s Castle
This easy 0.8-mile hike visits the scenic ruins of an estate home built atop the mountains behind Santa Barbara.
Lizards mouth TrailLizard’s Mouth
This half-mile hike visits a unique rock formation with amazing views over Santa Barbara and the Pacific.
McMenemy Overlook
This 3.7-mile hike uses four trails to form a loop through the mountains behind Montecito, California.
Montecito Peak TrailMontecito Peak
This 7.1-mile partial loop climbs to a panoramic summit in Los Padres National Forest overlooking Montecito and Santa Barbara.
El Capitan State Beach Nature TrailNature Trail in El Capitán State Beach
This 0.35-mile hike loops through a lush sycamore grove bordering El Capitán Creek to approach the rocky shore at the end of El Capitán Point.
Nojoqui FallsNojoqui Falls
This short 0.65-mile hike visits an 80-foot tall fern-lined waterfall.
Tangerine Falls TrailTangerine Falls
This 2.5-mile hike visits a beautiful waterfall on the edge of Los Padres National Forest near Santa Barbara.
Tequepis TrailTequepis Trail
This invigorating 8.4-mile round trip hike offers views of Lake Cachuma as it climbs the Santa Ynez mountains to views of Santa Barbara and the Pacific.
Tunnel View Trail GaviotaTunnel View and Trespass Trails Loop
This 2.6-mile loop steals a view over the 101 Freeway and the Gaviota Tunnel.