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Anza-Borrego Desert Palms Canyon TrailBorrego Palms Canyon Trail
This 3.25-mile loop visits a popular palm tree oasis in a canyon west of Borrego Springs.
Anza-Borrego Desert Cactus Loop TrailCactus Loop Trail
This 0.75-mile loop on a self-guided nature trail explores cacti and other plants that have adapted to survive in the Anza-Borrego Desert.
Anza-Borrego Desert TrailCalcite Mine Trail
This 4.25-mile trek climbs 600 feet to a historic mine site, exploring exciting narrows along the way.
Culp Valley LoopCulp Valley Loop
This 2.2-mile loop visits Culp Valley Overlook and Pena Springs, delivering views of the San Ysidro Mountains and Borrego Valley along the way.
Anza-Borrego Desert TrailElephant Trees Trail
This easy one-mile loop offers a lesson in desert botany including the rare elephant tree.
Anza-Borrego Desert Maidenhair Falls TrailHellhole Canyon Trail to Maidenhair Falls
This 5.5-mile hike visits a 20-foot waterfall in a canyon near Borrego Springs, making it the perfect place to cool off on a hot day in the California Desert.
Kenyon Overlook TrailKenyon Overlook Trail
This 1.15-mile loop sets out from Yaqui Pass to reach an incredible viewpoint across Mescal Bajada.
Marshal South Cabin TrailMarshal South Home Trail
This 1.3-mile hike ascends to the ruins of an adobe cabin on Ghost Mountain (Yaquitepec) with great views above Blair Valley.
Anza-Borrego Desert TrailMorteros Trail
This 0.6-mile hike visits a village of boulders once occupied by Kumeyaay Indians who left behind Morteros, grinding bowls carved into the rock.
Anza-Borrego Desert TrailNarrows Earth Trail
This 0.5-mile self-guided hike explores the geology of the park.
Anza-Borrego Desert Panoramic Overlook TrailPanoramic Overlook Trail
The 1-mile round trip hike ascends a ridge on the south side of Borrego Palm Canyon to sweeping views of the San Ysidro Mountains and Borrego Valley.
Anza-Borrego Desert TrailPictograph Trail
This 1.8-mile hike visits rock paintings drawn by Kumeyaay Indians who lived in the Anza-Borrego Desert thousands of years ago.
Anza-Borrego Desert TrailRainbow Canyon Trail
This 2.2-mile adventure follows an undeveloped trail up a colorful canyon full of vibrant rock formations and desert plants.
Anza-Borrego Desert TrailThe Slot
This short hike descends through a narrow canyon beneath a natural rock span that is among the most photographed landmarks in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.
Tubb Canyon TrailTubb Canyon Trail
This 1.5-mile hike follows a footpath across Tubb Canyon to Big Spring in a desert canyon below Pinyon Ridge.
Kumeyaay Indian Village SiteVillage Site
No hiking required to visit this Kumeyaay Indian Village Site on Mine Wash Road where you can find morteros in a collection of boulders.
Wind Caves TrailsWind Caves Trail
This 1.25-mile round trip hike climbs 250 feet to a sandstone formation that begs to be explored.
Yaqui Well Trail Anza-Borrego DesertYaqui Well Trail
This 1.6-mile out and back hike on a self-guided nature trail explores area botany and history, crossing a wash to reach a rare desert water source.