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The General Sherman Tree is the most giant Giant Sequoia in the world. The largest tree by volume, it is 275 feet tall and 36.5 feet across at the base. The tree is believed to be 2,200 years old and weigh 1,385 tons. But those are numbers — numbers that a brain familiarized with normal trees cannot process. The only way to appreciate the unfathomable, seemingly unearthly size of the giant sequoias is the see one for yourself.

Named after Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman, the star of the Giant Forest can be reached a few different ways. For the handicapped, there is parking adjacent to the tree just off the Generals Highway. For others, there are several trails to chose from, including the General Sherman Trail. This paved trail is half a mile each way and descends some 200 feet (which is less than the height of the Sherman Tree). The trail is wide with a few staircases. There are benches and informative panels throughout. Did you know the Sherman Tree has a volume of 52,500 cubic feet?

Sherman Tree
General Sherman Tree

Halfway down, the trail crosses a brick “footprint” matching the base of the General Sherman. The footprint, like the tree has a circumference of 103 feet and offers a distinct visual of the enormity of Sherman.

If for some reason you can’t make it up to see General Sherman this year, worry not. It will be even bigger next year. The General Sherman is still growing, adding about 0.4 inches in diameter each year. According to the park brochure, this is enough to equal the mass of a typical sixty foot tree.

For an easy opportunity to see more giant sequoias, continue on the Congress Loop, which starts at the Sherman Tree. If you drive 30 miles north on the Generals Highway, you can visit the General Grant Tree, the world’s third largest giant sequoia. Dogs and bikes are not permitted on trails in Sequoia National Park.

To get to the trailhead: From the Giant Forest Museum, head north on the Generals Highway. One mile past the handicapped parking area across from the General Sherman Tree, turn right (east) on Wolverton Road. Make the next right toward the Sherman Tree Trail. The road ends at the parking lot.

Trailhead address: Wolverton Road, Sequoia National Park, CA 93262
Trailhead coordinates: 36.584873, -118.749785 (36° 34′ 55.34″N 118° 45′ 03.03″W)

Use the map below to view the trail and get directions:

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General Sherman TreeGeneral Sherman TreeGeneral Sherman TreeGeneral Sherman Tree
General Sherman TreeGeneral Sherman TreeGeneral Sherman Tree TrailGeneral Sherman Tree Trail
These photos were taken in April of 2009. Click to enlarge.
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Distance: 1 mile – Elevation change: 200 feet

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    Do you think it will be possible to visit General Sherman tree
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    Can I see General Sherman with my dog? The paved trail seems pretty developed.

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    Will a small dog be allowed on the paved trail if they are kept in a pet stroller?

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    what is the correct address to get to The General Sherman tree , and how many hrs does it take from Elk Grove city, zip 95624, thank you

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    We are planning to go to Sequioa National Park this 3rd week of April. Is it possible to see General Sherman Tree during this period? Do we need to hike to be able to see it or we can just drive along? Thanks

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    I will be visiting Sequoia National Park in September 2015. First of course I will go to see the General Sherman, but I was wondering if there are many trails and trees to visit by feet from that point? I would like to spend around 4 to 5 hours in Sequoia National Park, I don’t know if that is enough or too much?

  9. Kelli says:

    We will be traveling to California in July and would love to spend the day in Sequoia National Park. We want to see the General Sherman Tree. If coming in from the San Francisco Bay Area, where is the best and closest place to enter the park to get to General Sherman? Also, what trail should we take and is the trail more of a leisure walk or more like a true hike? We have a 4 year old that likes to run as much as possible. We are curious to know if this is something we can take in with an active four year old.

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    What is the elevation above sea level at the base of Sherman?

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