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Coldbrook Campground is a small 20-site campground on Coldbrook Creek, which feeds into the North Fork of San Gabriel River. From Azusa, it is an 18-mile, roughly half hour drive up Route 39 to the campground in Angeles National Forest in San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. All sites are first-come first-serve year-round for $12 per night and can accommodate up to eight people and two vehicles. Fire rings, charcoal grills, picnic tables, vault toilets, and drinking water are provided. Dogs are allowed on leashes in the campground (and off leash inside tents).

Coldbrook Campground
Coldbrook Campground (November 2011)

Coldbrook Campground
Coldbrook Campground

Coldbrook Campground is nestled in a mixed riparian woodland at 3,300 feet. At this elevation, expect cooler nights than the valley below. The charming campground is rarely full, and there is ample nearby hiking to make this a great get-away weekend destination. The trailhead for the 7-mile round trip hike to the summit of Smith Mountain is just 1/3 of a mile away.

Coldbrook Campground
Coldbrook Campground

Coldbrook Campground
Coldbrook Campground

To get to the campground: From the 210 freeway in Azusa, take exit 40 and drive 18.4 miles north on Route 39 to the campground. You will pass the East Fork Ranger Station at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. Continue past San Gabriel Reservoir and go straight through an intersection with East Fork Road (the turnoff you would take to reach the Bridge to Nowhere hike). From the intersection, it is another 6.7 miles to Coldbrook Campground, on the left.

Campground address: San Gabriel Canyon Road, Angeles National Forest, Azusa, CA 91702
Campground coordinates: 34.290304, -117.840604 (34° 17′ 25.09″N 117° 50′ 26.17″W)

Use the map below to view the campground and get directions:

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47 Comments on Coldbrook Campground in the San Gabriel Mountains

  1. We got the drinking water working and repaired at Coldbrook, all of the water faucets are working and the water is awesome. :)

    • Also we are planting more and more pine saplings within the campgrounds, trying to build the area up after the Curve Fire. If you park at the Valley of the Moon parking lot just above Coldbrook you can look across the field and see hundreds of pines that have survived the first 4 and 5 years of their planting.

  2. HW says:

    How crowded is this campground? If I show up on a Saturday, will it be hard to get a site? Thanks.

  3. fermina says:

    Are dogs allowed?

  4. Hurrycain says:

    How many people are allowed on one campsite? Also, do you drive up to campsites or do you hike your things in?

    Looking forward to a great weekend!

  5. Adventure! (?) says:

    Website says ‘$12′ per spot, do they not accept the Adventure pass here?

    • Adventure! (?) says:

      Also, how recently have you been up to this site? We are planning a trip within the next month, will it be snowed in or is the elevation too low to have snow this time of year?

    • hikespeak says:

      Hi – The adventure pass does not work toward campground fees but will be necessary to park at trailheads in the area. These photos were taken on visits to the campground in November and December of 2011. There will not be snow this time of year.

  6. Andrea says:

    Do you need reservations in advance or none are needed?

  7. andy says:

    Hi there. Are there RV spots here? Would you recommend this spot vs. Crystal lake campground? Which has better hiking? Thanks!

    • hikespeak says:


      I don’t believe the sites at Coldbrook Campground are designed for RVs. There is no dump station. There are plenty of trails around both campgrounds. Enjoy your trip!

  8. weekendcamper says:

    Thinking of heading up to Coldbrook in the next couple weeks and I have a couple questions. What’s the weather like right now? If there are no spots available at Coldbrook when we arrive, what other campgrounds would you recommend in the area?

    One more thing, is there any fire damage that I need to be aware of?

  9. says:


    I plan to arrive early morning on Friday of Memorial weekend (May 24). What are the chances looking like for getting a spot?

    Thank you!

  10. Jee says:

    How far is the nearest waterfall from the campground?
    Is fish canyon falls the closest?
    Can we also drive to this fall if trail is too long for us?

    Thanks!! ^^

    • hikespeak says:

      Lewis Falls on Soldier Creek is actually just 2.2 miles up the road from Coldbrook Campground. The trailhead for the 1-mile round trip hike to the 50-foot waterfall is not well marked though. Look for a path alongside Soldier Creek next to a “No Fires” sign at a horseshoe bend in Route 39. It’s a lovely hike.

  11. john nguyen says:

    I’m a cyclist and I’m beginning to like riding Hwy39. Aside from Coldbrook campground, is there any other campground along Hwy39 that has drinking water? I’m very interested in knowing such info.

    (Btw, I know there’s also another running spring water source near the turnoff to Crystal Lake)

  12. Nemz says:

    Are the streams dry by now? planning on going in about 2 weeks.

  13. trailercamper says:

    Is the campsite suitable for a tent trailer to dry camp?

  14. John says:

    We’re thinking about heading up mid-week next week (Tuesday late afternoon/evening) for a couple of days. What’s the likelihood we’ll be able to get a spot if we arrive 6 or 7 pm on Tuesday?

  15. Laurie says:

    We are taking a girl scout group up to Coldbrook this weekend. How safe is this campground?

  16. katie says:

    want to camp on thurs. 10/14/13. is it open?

  17. hortencia says:

    hi, planning to bring a small group. is it okay to have a group of 10 through 20 people?

  18. katie says:

    planning on going out tomorrow to freeze my butt off it will be open yes?

  19. Amy says:

    Planning on heading up here for the weekend, will it be busy this time of year? Also, what kind of temps should I be prepared for?

  20. Joe Roe says:

    Looking at camping April 14th and 15th, Monday and Tuesday, 2014. How likely is the place to be crowded. May need two spots?

  21. danielia says:

    Is there bathrooms? Is it good wether around october 15th.

  22. zen says:

    Are there fish in the stream? Can you actually fish? Is it deep enough to get wet and swim in?

  23. christopher F says:

    any sites avalible for the 20-22nd

  24. Hoda says:

    Can I come next Friday morning and what I need to bring with me? It is first time to camp in my life and first time for my son who is 7 years old. Thank you

  25. richard says:

    looking to head up there in august ..hows the water? river? dam? is it good enough to cool off in this summer heat

  26. carrie says:

    Can you park at Crystal Lake and hike up to Coldbrook campsites? Where do we pay the $12 fee?

    • hikespeak says:

      The fee can be deposited within the campground at an “iron ranger.” The campground is right along San Gabriel Canyon Road, so you can drive right up to it, even before you reach Crystal Lake.

  27. Irene says:

    Hi, we haven’t been up there since fires in the canyon winter 2014. Are the trees giving shade? Also is there water in the creek? We’re planning on taking some first time campers up. Thanks for your info. Its very appreciated.

  28. sora says:

    is it okay to have a group of 17 people?

    for getting sites, untill what time do i have to reach there?
    and Are you sure that drinking water is provided?

    • hikespeak says:

      Each campsite can be used by a up to 8 people and a maximum of 2 vehicles. For a group of 17, you will need 3 campsites. You can arrive at any time, but the earlier you arrive, the better chance you’ll have of finding open sites that are adjacent to each other. Water should be available.

  29. Sara says:

    Is there any water in the creek or at fish canyon falls this week?

  30. Kim says:

    Is there any fishing in the immediate area ?

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