Cirque Peak Eastern Sierras

Cirque Peak can be reached from either Cottonwood Pass Trail or Cottonwood Lakes Trail. The mountain rises between the two, straddling the divide of the Golden Trout and John Muir Wildernesses. The summit boasts an excellent panorama with a good look at Mount Langley to the north, the Cottonwood Lakes to the east, and the sprawling Sierra to the west.

By far the easiest approach to Cirque Peak is from New Army Pass. The pass is 7.5-miles from Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead and at 12,300 feet, the pass is just 600 feet beneath the summit. The toughest part of this route is the series of switchbacks beneath New Army Pass. From the pass, it is little more than a walk to the top.

Head west from the pass across a trail-less landscape of rock and sand. Follow the ridgeline as it turns south toward the peak. staying west of the crest to avoid the larger rocks. Continue beneath a series of false peaks and save your ascent for true summit. Cirque Peak is about two miles from the pass and will not put up much of a challenge to anyone who has made it this far into the Sierra.

Mount Langley
Mount Langley and New Army Pass from Cirque Peak
Cottonwood Basin
Looking down on Cottonwood Basin

Two other approaches are worth noting:
Hikers can make the ascent from Cirque Lake or Chicken Spring Lake. Both options require about two miles of off-trail trekking and some Class 2 scrambling. These routes meet up at the saddle south of Cirque Peak and take the summit from there.

From Cirque Lake at the end of Old Cottonwood Creek Trail, cross a short but tiresome boulder field to get to the base of the mountain. Look up and choose a path. Loose gravel and rocks can add a little extra effort to the climb to the saddle. Descending this slope is much easier.

Cirque Peak
Descending the southern side of Cirque Peak

Those who ascend Cirque Peak by hiking Cottonwood Lakes Trail to New Army Pass may wish to return to Horseshoe Meadow by dropping down to Cirque Lake and Old Cottonwood Creek Trail. This is the shortest route between the trailhead and the peak.

Old Cottonwood Creek Trail fizzles out on the hillside north of Cirque Lake, so picking it up is a little tricky. If you descend from Cirque Peak, circle to the north side of the lake. About eighty yards from the east end, turn left and head up the hillside. Once you find the trail, it is easy to follow down to South Fork Lake and out to Horseshoe Meadow.

Cirque Peak Trail Map
A topo map of the off-trail hike across Cirque Peak

To get to Cirque Peak: Make your way to Horseshoe Meadow and set out on either Cottonwood Pass Trail, Old Cottonwood Creek Trail, or Cottonwood Lakes Trail.

Trailhead address: Horseshoe Meadows Road, Inyo National Forest, Lone Pine, CA 93545
Trailhead coordinates: 36.4532, -118.1699 (36° 27′ 11.5″N 118° 10′ 11.6″W)

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Trail Map

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Cirque PeakCirque PeakCirque PeakCirque PeakCirque PeakCirque PeakCirque PeakCirque PeakCirque PeakCirque PeakCirque PeakCirque PeakCirque PeakCirque PeakCirque PeakCirque PeakCirque PeakCirque PeakSouth Fork Cottonwood LakesCottonwood Pass Trail

These photos were taken in July of 2009. Click to enlarge.
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Distance: 19 miles · Elevation change: 2900 feet

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