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The ten-stamp mill and foundation of Lost Horse Mine stand at the end of a gradual 4-mile round trip trail. Lost Horse Mine has one of the best-preserved mills under National Park protection. Unlike less fortunate nearby efforts, Lost Horse Mine was one of the few mineral speculations in Joshua Tree National Park to be productive. According to the NPS, The mine yielded approximately 10,000 ounces of gold and 16,000 ounces of silver.

Joshua Tree Lost Horse Mine
Lost Horse Mine

The hike to Lost Horse Mine is gentle with just a slight uphill grade. Joshua trees and yucca growl along the trail, and the surrounding landscape really comes alive during wildflower season. Outside of that time, the surrounding boulder strewn ridges can actually become monotonous en route to Lost Horse Mine.

From the trailhead, Lost Horse Mine Trail heads east, before turning southeast toward Lost Horse Mine. After a few miles, the trail begins to cling to the north side of a rocky slope. Wrap around a pair of ravines to spot Lost Horse Mine. The tall, intact mill is enclosed by a chain-link fence, so you must admire it from a safe distance.

If you hike to Lost Horse Mine, it is advised to go the extra mile, or in this case the extra third of a mile, and continue up the steep ridge behind the mine to a vast overlook. You can return the way you came or follow a loop back to the trailhead. No permit is required to hike to Lost Horse Mine, so get out and enjoy!

To get to the trailhead: From Park Boulevard, take Keys View Road south 2.4 miles and turn left onto a dirt road leading to the trailhead for Lost Horse Mine.

Trailhead address: Unnamed Road to Lost Horse Mine Trail off Keys View Road, Joshua Tree National Park, CA 92277
Trailhead coordinates: 33.9507, -116.15982 (33° 57′ 02.5″N 116° 09′ 35.4″W)

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Joshua Tree Lost Horse MineJoshua Tree Lost Horse MineJoshua Tree Lost Horse MineJoshua Tree Lost Horse MineJoshua Tree Lost Horse MineJoshua Tree Lost Horse MineJoshua Tree Lost Horse MineJoshua Tree Lost Horse MineJoshua Tree Lost Horse Mine

These photos were taken in November of 2006. Click to enlarge.
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Distance: 4 miles · Elevation change: 400 feet

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6 Comments on Lost Horse Mine in Joshua Tree National Park

  1. ejorgens wrote:

    Two great hikes. The Lost Mine Trail described here as an out and back. But there’s also The Lost Horse Trail Loop which continues on from the mine and returns to the parking lot. The trailhead signs are a little confusing. If you go through the gate, you will indeed follow the 4 mile out and back described here. You could continue on in a clockwise fashion completing the Lost Horse Trail Loop for a total of 6.2 miles.

    What is confusing is the other trailhead sign near the restrooms which say:

    Lost Horse Trail Loop 6.2 miles
    Lost Horse Mine 4.2 miles

    You would be traveling in a counterclockwise direction. Many hikers thought they were hiking 4.2 miles TOTAL, when in fact, they had to complete the 6.2 miles loop. The sign doesn’t lie. It is just misread by almost a dozen hikers I met on the trail.

    Either hike is worth it. Not mentioned is hiking to the summit of Lost Horse Mountain. Even more spectacular than the summit behind the mine that is mentioned, but there is no trail. You have to x-country. There are two peaks to the south. The farthest is Lost Horse Mountain.

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  4. […] Lost Horse Mine – this was a great hike we did our first afternoon. It was about 4 miles out to the gold mine and back, and took us less than 3 hours! It was pretty neat seeing the old gold mine built into the mountain and imagining how the area looks pretty similar back then as it does today. […]

  5. […] the San Adreas Fault earlier in the morning.  It was better but still pretty hazy.  We stopped at Lost Horse Mine to hike out and see some of the remains of the mining operations that used to exist.  It’s […]

  6. […] was my final day in Joshua Tree. I could say that the Lost Horse Loop trail chose me to explore her, which is as true as any statement I’ve made. My water is low, and […]