DeLorme inReach Explorer Satellite Communicator
The inReach Explorer is very handy device for backcountry travelers. The Explorer is an SOS beacon, a global satellite communicator, and a full-function GPS navigator all in one. The SOS function (which with any luck you won't have to use) puts you in touch with emergency services. Other device features will enhance the rest of your trip. Because it's a navigator, you can... Read more.
By: Published: Last updated: December 14, 2015
Carbon Neutral Trail report carbon offset for my website Better World Energy renewable energy credit green energy wind
At, we love the outdoors. We love hiking through clean air and camping beneath a clear sky of stars. For this reason, we are proud to give something back to the environment. With the help of the green-friendly gurus at Better World Energy, we have acquired renewable energy certificates to offset the carbon footprint of this website. Because most... Read more.

By: Published: Last updated: May 29, 2015
Chimani App review Yosemite National Park android iPhone
As dependent as we have become on smartphones, there are still some corners of California, like Yosemite Valley, where data coverage does not reach. This is a probably a good thing, but it is still handy to have fast information at your fingertips while visiting Yosemite National Park. At its core, Chimani's Yosemite National Park app is a park guide enhanced with a GPS... Read more.
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By: Published: Last updated: May 13, 2016
Angeles National Forest reopens
For the last year and a half, an immense area of the San Gabriel Mountains has been off limits. Now it's back! Incredible news from the US Forest Service who announced: Effective May 16, [2011] the Angeles National Forest will reopen about half of the areas that have been closed due to the Station Fire. Hikers have battled stunning crowds in pockets of the forest that... Read more.
By: Published: Last updated: February 24, 2015
Adayak Organic Cotton T-shirts review
You don't always need to look fashionable when you're hiking, but in Los Angeles you never know who you might meet on the trail. Consider adding a comfortable trendy hiking shirt from Adayak to your wardrobe. Their shirts come in a variety of colors and outdoor themed prints. They have shirts designed for rafting, hiking, fishing, climbing, camping, and biking. In addition... Read more.

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