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At, we love the outdoors. We love hiking through clean air and camping beneath a clear sky of stars. For this reason, we are proud to give something back to the environment.

With the help of the green-friendly gurus at Better World Energy, we have acquired renewable energy certificates to offset the carbon footprint of this website. Because most electricity comes from fossil fuels, while your computer is online it uses electricity that is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. Better World Energy has calculated the amount of CO2 emissions linked with computers while they visit and offset these harmful emissions with electricity produced from clean wind turbines (a zero-emission renewable source)!

By purchasing a “renewable energy certificate,” we are able to add clean energy to the electricity pool, effectively removing the greenhouse gases created by conventional power sources. Pretty cool, right?

Continue to visit as often and as long as you like, or as Better World Energy says, “surf without guilt!” We will keep track of website usage and pick up more offsets if needed. If you would like to offset your vehicle emissions for those unavoidable commutes to the trailhead, contact Better World Energy.

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