Adayak Organic Cotton T-shirts review

You don’t always need to look fashionable when you’re hiking, but in Los Angeles you never know who you might meet on the trail. Consider adding a comfortable trendy hiking shirt from Adayak to your wardrobe. Their shirts come in a variety of colors and outdoor themed prints. They have shirts designed for rafting, hiking, fishing, climbing, camping, and biking. In addition to looking good, Adayak apparel comes with a few other perks. Everything they sell is made from organic cotton (and feels really soft). Adayak donates one dollar from every purchase to environmental conservation charities, so if someone comments on your upgraded outfit, you can tell them it was for a good cause.

Adayak shirts are reasonably priced in the $15-$20 dollar range. offers free shipping for orders over $50 and a $3.99 fee for 3-day shipping for smaller orders. If you don’t like anything you receive, there is a 90 day return/exchange policy geared toward making every customer a happy camper… or hiker.

Another fun thing Adayak does is offer store credit to customers who submit a picture wearing Adayak apparel, or submit a trip report or essay from an outdoor experience.

Adayak Backcounrty Camping T-shirt
Wearing a sample of the Backcountry Camping Organic T-shirt provided by Adayak

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  1. David wrote:

    Thanks for the review. The shirt looks great on you!