Millard Campground

Millard Campground (also called Millard Trail Camp) sits alongside a stream at the trailhead for Millard Falls. There are only five tent sites that are all first-come first-serve. The grounds appear to function as a picnic area for many visitors. If you are coming out to hike the creek, the campgrounds are an ideal venue for a BBQ.

Millard Campground
Millard Campground

The sites are a quarter mile from the parking lot, so a short “hike it” is required. If you already have an adventure pass, the campground’s fire rings and picnic tables come free. There are vault toilets but no potable water, so be sure to bring your own.

In addition to Millard Falls and Dawn Mine, the campground offers access to trails to Inspiration Point and San Gabriel Peak. During the week, the sites are often vacant. Take a couple days off and get out of LA – without leaving the city. Enough trails leave from the campground to keep you busy on a short camping trip. For a nearby trail camp that actually requires you to walk in a couple miles, check out Gould Mesa Trail Camp.

Update: The campground has reopened, along with the trails up Millard Canyon that were closed due to damages from the 2009 Station Fire.

To get to Millard Campground: Take the 210 Freeway to Pasadena. Exit Lake Avenue and head north. After 3.5 miles, turn left at the T onto Loma Alta Drive. After one mile, make a right on Chaney Trail. The 1.5 mile road winds up to Sunset Ridge and down to the parking lot for Millard Campground.

Campground address: Chaney Trail, Angeles National Forest, Altadena, CA 91001
Campground coordinates: 34.216185, -118.146653 (34° 12′ 58.26″N 118° 08′ 47.95″W)

Use the map below to view the campground and create your own directions:


  Millard Campground
Millard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard Canyon
  Millard Falls
Millard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard Canyon
  Dawn Mine
Millard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard CanyonMillard Canyon

These photos were taken in March of 2009. Click to enlarge.
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12 Comments on Millard Campground in the San Gabriel Mountains

  1. MDCB wrote:

    I was there today. The campground is open.

    • Amy D wrote:

      If we are planning to head up tomorrow morning may 24, what are the chances of getting a site?

      • hikespeak wrote:

        You might be able to get a site on Friday morning, but I’m sure all the campgrounds in the San Gabriels will be full for Memorial Day.

  2. Michael wrote:

    Hello Campers! I will be visiting families in the SGV area and I am wondering how I can get an Adventure Pass so that I can go camping at Millard Campground and hike to Millard Falls. Does anyone know where I can get more info on the Adventure pass? How much would camping it before with the Adventure Pass and how much is the pass?
    Thank you for your help in advance.

    Happy Camper Wannabe.

  3. Jeremy D. Kohl wrote:


    Quick question, will a taxi be able to drive me from Loma Alta/Chaney to the parking lot just below the campsite? I was not sure if there are restrictions on that sort of thing or not?
    My partner and I have been hiking up and down the from the site for many years but my health won’t fare the trek any longer. Neither of us are drivers, this is why I am inquiring about the taxi.


  4. Jose isabeles wrote:

    Does anybody know if I have to pay a fee or pass to camp at Millard campground????

    • hikespeak wrote:

      When open, there is no cost for this campground and only a National Forest Adventure Pass (day use pass) is required.

  5. Robert pinson wrote:

    are there stores near the campgrounds to get food and other supplies

  6. maria morales wrote:

    What time does the parking lot open?

  7. Elwood Blues wrote:

    I’ve camped at Millard during many of my trips to LA. Aside from the gate being locked at sundown, it’s a relatively convenient spot to camp. Warning: It’s been discovered . . . by bears. One was curious about my tent, and scratched (and ripped) it with his claw – while I was sleeping in it. Last time I came was a few weeks after a bear mauled someone at Millard (summer 2016). I’m now more comfortable camping at the spot at the top of the ridge where the road makes a hairpin turn.

  8. Robert wrote:

    Is there water flowing at millard trail ?

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