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Buena Vista Peak in Kings Canyon National ParkBuena Vista Peak
This 2-mile round trip hike ascends 420 feet to a granite summit with 360-degree views over the Redwood Mountain Sequoia Grove and Kings Canyon.
Dead Giant Loop Trail in Kings Canyon National ParkDead Giant Loop Trail
This 2.25-mile loop passes a small meadow and a large dead sequoia to reach Sequoia Lake Overlook and can combine with nearby North Grove Trail for 3.25-mile hike.
Grant Tree Trail Kings Canyon National ParkGeneral Grant Tree Trail
This 0-8 mile loop in the Grant Grove passes through a Fallen Monarch to reach the General Grant Tree, one of the world’s largest sequoias.
Kanawyer Loop Trail Kings Canyon National ParkKanawyer Loop Trail
This 5-mile loop is scenic and easy, exploring east from the backcountry gateway at Road’s End along both sides of the South Fork Kings River in Kings Canyon.
Grant Village to Grant Grove Trail Kings Canyon National ParkGrant Village to Grant Grove Trail
This mile-long trail connects the visitor center at Grant Village with the parking lot at Grant Grove, passing through Azalea Campground to reach giant sequoias, including the General Grant Tree.
Hart Tree and Fallen Goliath Loop in Kings Canyon National ParkHart Tree and Fallen Goliath Loop
This 8.3-mile loop on Hart Tree Trail and Redwood Creek Trail passes tranquil streams and interesting sequoias in the Redwood Mountain Grove in Kings Canyon National Park.
North Boundary Trail in Kings Canyon National ParkNorth Boundary Trail
This 3.55-mile hike starts on the trail between Grant Grove and Grant Village and passes the General Grant Tree to reach a 2.75-mile loop through the pine forest north of the Grant Grove.
North Grove Trail in Kings Canyon National ParkNorth Grove Trail
This 2-mile loop explores a quiet grove of sequoias near the crowded Grant Grove and can combine with Dead Giant Loop Trail for 3.25-mile hike.
Panoramic Point in Kings Canyon National ParkPanoramic Point
This 0.5-mile round trip hike reaches an exception overlook with views into Kings Canyon.
Roaring River Falls in Kings Canyon National ParkRoaring River Falls
This paved 0.3-mile round trip hike reaches a thundering little waterfall on a tributary of the Kings River in Kings Canyon National Park.