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In November of 2011, hikespeak launched a free monthly newsletter to celebrate the site’s 250th trail report. As hikespeak continues to grow, the newsletter delivers seasonal trail recommendations and fresh content right to your inbox. Subscribe now and each month you will receive a new hike to explore!

Hike of the Month Newsletters:

September, 2014 – Fern Canyon in Prairie Creek Redwood State Park
August, 2014 – Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur
July, 2014 – Vital Link Trail in the Verdugo Mountains
June, 2014 – Indian Mountain in the San Jacinto Mountains
May, 2014 – Harmony Headlands State Park in Cayucos
April, 2014 – Ennisbrook Trail in Montecito
March, 2014 – Culp Valley Loop Trail in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
February, 2014 – Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park in Los Angeles
January, 2014 – Canyon View Loop Trail in Whitewater Preserve

December, 2013 – Golden Canyon – Gower Gulch Loop in Death Valley National Park
November, 2013 – Marshall Peak in the San Bernardino Mountains
October, 2013 – Rocky Peak in the Santa Susana Mountains
September, 2013 – Skyline Motorway in the Verdugo Mountains
August, 2013 – Eagle Rock in Topanga State Park
July, 2013 – Independence Monument in Colorado National Monument
June, 2013 – Panorama Trail in Yosemite National Park
May, 2013 – Moro Beach in Crystal Cove State Park
April, 2013 – Marble Falls Trail in Sequoia National Park
March, 2013 – Los Liones Trail in Topanga State Park
February, 2013 – High Peaks in Pinnacles National Park
January, 2013 – Carpinteria Seal Sanctuary Overlook in Carpinteria

December, 2012 – Paramount Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains
November, 2012 – Ryan Mountain in Joshua Tree National Park
October, 2012 – Red Rock Canyon Park in the Santa Monica Mountains
September, 2012 – Gaviota Peak in the Santa Ynez Mountains
August, 2012 – Mount Hillyer in the San Gabriel Mountains
July, 2012 – Sam Merrill Trail to Echo Mountain in the San Gabriel Mountains
June, 2012 – Rosewood Trail to Angel Vista in the Santa Monica Mountains
May, 2012 – Charmlee Wilderness Park in the Santa Monica Mountains
April, 2012 – Santa Anita Canyon in the San Gabriel Mountains
March, 2012 – Tuna Canyon Park in the Santa Monica Mountains

Older Newsletters:

January, 2012 – Morro Bay State Park!
December, 2011 – Griffith Park!
November, 2011 – 250 Trails!


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