Committed to the outdoors is a resource built for a community of people who love the outdoors and find it enriching to go for a hike or take a camping trip. We want to make it easier for people get outdoors and enjoy the environment. With rising temperatures and burning forests, beautiful natural areas are being lost. Hikespeak would like to help ensure that the environment is preserved for people to enjoy.

Hikespeak + Team Sierra

The threats to our environment are great. We will need to be even greater.

If you enjoy the outdoors and are worried about where the climate is headed, please consider supporting a non-profit fighting for environmental justice and conservation.

One way to get involved is Team Sierra, an online fundraising program for the Sierra Club.

The Sierra Club works to make the outdoors accessible to all, a mission that is shared by The Sierra Club also promotes renewable energies, battles climate change, and ensures that American’s have access to safe air and water. When John Muir helped found the Sierra Club in 1892 and became the club’s first president, he was a spirited advocate for Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. These mountains contain deeply cherished places for hikespeak’s readers and face new threats today. Rising global temperatures reduce the winter snowpack, impacting both the Sierra and those who rely on its water, like California farmers.

Giant Sequoias
Let’s keeps these sequoias standing for future generations to enjoy!

If you are concerned about Earth’s future, please support Team Sierra. Make a one-time donation or consider chipping in a little bet every time you enjoy the outdoors. That’s what hikespeak is doing.

If we come together, with contributions that are no bigger than park entrance fees, the combined effect could be very positive. Can you start a fundraising campaign or make a donation? If we work together, many small donations can add up to major change. Lets make a meaningful impact on the environment.

Seth Smigelski


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