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Arches National Park

Arches National Park Balanced Rock
This quarter mile loop circles a perilous block of sandstone balancing near the center of Arches National Park.
Arches National Park Delicate Arch
This 3-mile hike visits this most iconic arch in the world, a beautiful span that should not be missed.
Arches National Park Double Arch
This 0.8-mile hike visits a pair of connected arches in the Windows region of Arches National Park.
Arches National Park Landscape Arch
This level 2.5-mile hike visits the longest natural arch in the world along with two other enjoyable arches.
Arches National Park Skyline Arch
This short 0.4-mile hike ends below a wide arch near the top of a sandstone fin.
Arches National Park Window Arches
This one-mile loop presents three arches in close proximity, the North and South Windows and Turret Arch.


Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands hike Aztec Butte
This is a 1.8 -mile hike ascends a dome-shaped butte that houses Puebloan granaries and offers nice views of Taylor Canyon.
Grand View Point Grand View Point
This 2-mile hike travels along the mesa’s edge from Grand View Overlook to the southernmost point on the Island in the Sky.
Canyonlands hike Mesa Arch
This half-mile loop visits a picturesque arch spanning across the mesa’s edge.
murphys point Murphy Point
This 3.6-mile hike visits a west-facing point on the Island in the Sky overlooking canyons carved by the Green River.
Canyonlands hike Upheaval Dome
This 1.7-mile hike visits two overlooks along the rim of a puzzling three-mile wide crater.
Canyonlands hike Whale Rock
This one-mile hike ascends a whale-shaped sandstone formation near Upheaval Dome.
Canyonlands hike White Rim Overlook
This gradual 1.8-mile hike visits the end of a peninsula in the Island in the Sky with 300-degree views of the canyons below.

Zion National Park

Hike Zion Angel’s Landing
This 5.2-mile hike takes an incredible route up the east rim of Zion Canyon ascending to a towering slab of sandstone jutting into the center of the canyon. The expansive views and thousand foot drop-offs have made this trail world famous.
Canyon Overlook Trail Hike Zion Canyon Overlook Trail
This one-mile round trip hike visits a scenic viewpoint looking west over Zion Canyon.
Hike Zion Court of the Patriarchs
This 0.1-mile walk heads up a short rise in the center of Zion Canyon to offer a nice view of the surrounding sandstone peaks.
Hike Zion Emerald Pools
This 2.6-mile loop visits three tiers of enchanting pools by incorporating the Lower, Middle, and Upper Emerald Pools Trails.
Hike Zion Hidden Canyon
This 4.5-mile hike ascends the east rim of Zion Canyon above Weeping Rock, and then crosses dramatic cliffs to reach a hanging canyon housing a small natural arch.
Hike Zion Riverside Walk
This level 2.8-mile walkway is a popular place to hike and swim, following the Virgin River to the bottom of the narrows north of Zion Canyon.
Hike Zion Watchman Trail
This 3.5-mile lollypop loop reaches a panoramic overlook on the side of Zion Canyon.
Hike Zion Weeping Rock
This 0.4-mile hike visits an alcove in the sandstone wall of Zion Canyon where water seeps out of the rock, nourishing hanging gardens and plentiful vegetation.

Moab Area

Moab hiking Mill Creek
This half-mile hike visits a swimming hole that offers refreshing escape from Utah’s Summer scorches.
Maob hiking Negro Bill Trail to Morning Glory Bridge
This 6-mile round trip hike travels through a scenic canyon to a 243-foot long natural bridge.