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Crazy Horse VolskmarchCrazy Horse Volskmarch
This roughly 5-mile hike (designed as a 10-kilometer feat) ventures up onto the Crazy Horse Memorial for up-close views of the massive carving and is only open to the public a few days a year.
Rankin Ridge TrailRankin Ridge Nature Trail in Wind Cave Park
This one-mile loop hits the highest point in the park at a lookout tower with views over the east side of the Black Hills.
Door TrailDoor Trail in Badlands National Park
This one-mile hike passes through a gap in Badlands Wall to a viewing platform followed by a cross-country path into the rugged badlands.
Window TrailWindow Trail in Badlands National Park
This level 0.25-mile round trip hike leads to an opening in Badlands Wall overlooking the rugged landscape beyond.
Notch TrailNotch Trail in Badlands National Park
This adventurous 1 1/3-mile hike travels up a badlands canyon to an elevated overlook with views over the Great Plains.
Cliff Shelf Nature TrailCliff Shelf Nature Trail in Badlands National Park
This half-mile hike loops through a juniper forest on the south side of the Badlands Wall, reaching a viewpoint below the notch.