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fountain peak trailFountain Peak
This 5-mile off trail trek summits a peak with commanding views over the Providence Mountains.
rings trailHole-in-the-Wall Rings Trail
This 1.5-mile loop takes visitors through a landscape of pocketed rocks. Ringbolts allow fun passage through narrow canyons.
dunes trailKelso Dunes
This 3-mile round trip hike climbs 700 feet to the highest point in this 45 square mile dune field.
lava tube trailLava Tube
This short 0.6-mile hike drops below the surface into an old lava tube.
Mojave New York Peak TrailNew York Peak
This 7 to 9-mile round trip hike summits the highest point of the New York Range in the northeast corner of the preserve.
petroglyphs trailPetroglyphs near Seventeen Mile Point
This quarter-mile path visits ancient engravings in the volcanic rock at the western rim of the cinder fields just off Kelbaker Road.
Rock Spring Loop TrailRock Spring Loop Trail
This 1 1/3-mile loop visits a rare desert spring, a Rock House built in the 1920s, a miners’ mill site, and an old U.S. Army post on a short and scenic circuit.
silver peak trailSilver Peak
This 8.5-mile hike summits a 6,365-foot peak in the Granite Mountains.
teutonia peak trailTeutonia Peak
This 3.4 to 4-mile round trip hike crosses the world’s densest Joshua tree forest, passing an abandoned silver mine to reach a rocky summit with views of Cima Dome.