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Canyonlands hikeAztec Butte
This is a 1.8 -mile hike ascends a dome-shaped butte that houses Puebloan granaries and offers nice views of Taylor Canyon.
Grand View PointGrand View Point
This 2-mile hike travels along the mesa’s edge from Grand View Overlook to the southernmost point on the Island in the Sky.
Canyonlands hikeMesa Arch
This 0.7-mile loop visits a picturesque arch spanning across the mesa’s edge.
murphys pointMurphy Point
This 3.6-mile hike visits a west-facing point on the Island in the Sky overlooking canyons carved by the Green River.
Canyonlands hikeUpheaval Dome
This 1.7-mile hike visits two overlooks along the rim of a puzzling three-mile wide crater.
Canyonlands hikeWhale Rock
This one-mile hike ascends a whale-shaped sandstone formation near Upheaval Dome.
Canyonlands hikeWhite Rim Overlook
This gradual 1.8-mile hike visits the end of a peninsula in the Island in the Sky with 300-degree views of the canyons below.