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On Saturday April 16th, Nature Valley and the National Parks Conservation Association teamed up behind Hollywood leading man Josh Holloway to restore an area outside Joshua Tree National Park. Josh Holloway, formerly known as Sawyer on ABC’s Lost, pitched in with local volunteers and marines to improve an area that is intended to eventually become part of Joshua Tree National Park. Volunteers used natural materials to camouflage 4X4 tracks in an effort to prevent off road driving. The restorations will protect fragile soils and reduce the vulnerability of desert tortoises. Trash was removed, and water flow was restored to improve the desert wildflower bloom and make the area more hospitable to plants and animals. Eventually, this restored land may become part of Joshua Tree National Park, which currently protects over 1,200 square miles and receives 1.3 million visitors each year. In 2007, the park generated more than 32 million dollars to local and regional economies and supported more than 500 jobs.

Preserve The Parks - Joshua Tree
Josh Holloway and volunteers Preserve The Park

There’s nothing I love more than being outside and exploring the incredible beauty of our national parks,” said Holloway. “However, the parks are facing huge challenges and that’s why I’m excited to be partnering with Nature Valley to help raise awareness and funds for the preservation of our national parks.

Preserve The Parks - Joshua Tree
Josh Holloway at work outside Joshua Tree National Park

Nature Valley will donate up to half a million dollars to the NPCA in 2011, composed of a $400,000 flat donation, plus up to $100,000 more when consumers enter UPCs from specially-marked packages of Nature Valley online at between June and ending October.  Funds raised in the Preserve The Parks campaign will focus on projects in Joshua Tree National Park and five other parks throughout the United States.

There are numerous challenges facing our national parks – ranging from underfunding and inappropriate development to climate change – and we must ensure America’s heritage is protected and preserved for our children and grandchildren to enjoy,” said Tom Kiernan, president of the National Parks Conservation Association. “As we approach the centennial of our national parks, our work with Nature Valley brings us closer to restoring the parks so they continue to inspire future generations for their second century of service.

Nature Valley invites everyone to join the NPCA in helping to raise awareness for and appreciation of our national parks. Get outside and enjoying these historical sites during National Parks Week, April 16-24, 2011, when National Park Entrance fees have been waived.

Visit to learn more about the project and donating to NPCA, and share national parks photos and stories on the Nature Valley Facebook page. Josh Holloway even shared a video of his favorite national parks memories.

Desert Tortoise
A happy Desert Tortoise in Joshua Tree National Park

Our National Parks are special places that need to be protected. It is wonderful that Nature Valley is helping to ensure that their granola bar-eating customers and future generations of Americans can enjoy the great natural beauty this land possess.

Hikes in Joshua Tree National Park

49 Palms Oasis560Fortynine Palms Oasis
The out and back hike visits a palm tree oasis in the desert on the north side of Joshua Tree.
3 miles
350 feet
Indian Cove Joshua Tree570Indian Cove
The 101-site campground is home to a 0.6-mile interpretive trail and endless bouldering and rock climbing opportunities.
0.6 - 2 miles (or more)
25 feet
Contact Mine Joshua Tree580Contact Mine
This out and back hike travels up a wash, a canyon, and an old road to a mountainside mine site.
3.9 miles
700 feet
high view nature trail587High View Nature Trail
This loop climbs a ridge on the west side of the park that offers views of San Gorgonio Mountain and Yucca Valley, along with an introduction to desert plants.
1.35 miles
325 feet
Warren Peak Joshua Tree590Warren Peak
This out and back hike summits a peak with impressive views over the west side of Joshua Tree.
5.5 miles
1,000 feet
Desert Queen Mine Joshua Tree600Desert Queen Mine
This out and back hike follows a level desert trail to an overlook before crossing a canyon to visits the ruins of an old gold mine.
1.6 miles
150 feet
Lucky Boy Vista Joshua Tree610Lucky Boy Vista
This level out and back hike visits a modest overlook at the site of an old mine.
2.5 miles
125 feet
Wall Street Mill Joshua Tree620Wall Street Mill
This level out and back hike visits a well-reserved gold mill, exploring the mining history of Joshua Tree National Park.
1.55 - 2.15
115 feet
Wonderland Wash Joshua Tree630Wonderland Wash
This level out and back hike travels past the ruins of Wonderland Ranch up a use trail into the Wonderland of Rocks.
2.1 miles (or more)
75 feet
Barker Dam Joshua Tree640Barker Dam
This level loop visits a small foreign-looking reservoir within the Wonderland of Rocks.
1.5 miles
100 feet
Hidden Valley Joshua Tree650Hidden Valley
This loop circles the interior of a small valley surrounded by tall rocks that serves as an excellent bouldering arena.
1 mile (or more)
25 feet
Ryan Mountain Joshua Tree660Ryan Mountain
This out and back hike offers summit views from the center of Joshua Tree National Park.
3 miles
1,075 feet
Ryan Ranch Joshua Tree670Ryan Ranch
This out and back hike from Ryan Campground or Park Boulevard visits the ruins of an old adobe homestead beneath Ryan Mountain.
0.8 - 1.2 miles (or more)
25 feet
Lost Horse Mine Joshua Tree680Lost Horse Mine
This out and back hike visits a well-preserved mine and mill.
4 miles
400 feet
Inspiration Peak Joshua Tree690Keys View to Inspiration Peak
This out and back hike leaves the crowds at Keys View for even grander views from a 5,550-foot summit.
1.2 miles
425 feet
Crown Prince Lookout Joshua Tree700Crown Prince Lookout
This easy out and back hike crosses a desert plateau to a pair of overlook near the site of an World War II era observation post.
3.25 miles
50 feet
Arch Rock Joshua Tree710Arch Rock
This easy loop visits a natural arch in the granite formations around White Tank Campground.
0.3 miles
30 feet
Cholla Cactus Garden Joshua Tree720Cholla Cactus Garden
This loop offers a stroll through an intense concentration of cholla cacti.
0.25 miles
0.1 miles
Mastodon Peak Joshua Tree730Mastodon Peak
This loop visits a 3,400-foot summit with panoramic views of southeastern Joshua Tree.
2.6 miles
440 feet
Joshua Tree Lost Palms Oasis740Lost Palms Oasis
This out and back hike visits an oasis nestled between mountains in the southeast corner of the park.
7.2 miles
400 feet
Bajada Trail Joshua Tree750Bajada Trail
This level nature trail loop explores the plants living on a desert bajada.
0.3 miles
5 feet

Trails and campgrounds in Joshua Tree National Park:

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